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The Archer Tiny House: A Cozy Family Home

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the kitchen and staircase of the archer tiny house by Build Tiny

We’re here to give you a tour of the Archer tiny house by Build Tiny.

It was designed and built with family life in mind, as you will see with the unusual feature of a downstairs bedroom.

The build was completed in December 2020.

Build Tiny have created many tiny house designs at their headquarters in New Zealand. These include tiny homes like The Boomer and The Tinyville.

For now, let’s explore the Archer tiny house.

Table of Contents:

The Archer tiny house exterior and living area

The exterior of The Archer is made from a steel frame with full insulation and vinyl exterior cladding (you can pick the color).

It also features double-glazed aluminium windows and is situated on a detatchable trailer if you want The Archer to be a more permanent fixture.

The exterior of The Archer tiny house

When you step in to The Archer you’re greeted by an open living and dining space.

Currently there is a small dining table but there is rom for a sofa on the back wall.

The living space of The Archer

The kitchen

The kitchen area in this tiny house has all the appliances a small family would need.

There’s a dishwasher, washing machine, stove, stove and fridge-freezer.

Customers are able to choose the cabinet and countertop color and design too.

The kitchen area with appliances underneath the staircase and loft

The kitchen provides a lot of countertop space to prepare and cook family meals.

It makes use of precious space under the staircase for the fridge and cooker.

The kitchen area with plenty of countertop space

The bathroom

The entrance to the bathroom in the Archer is just past the kitchen. 

A sliding cavity door is used to save space and have separation between the two rooms.

A wider view of the kitchen area and the entrance to the bathroom

The bathroom features a Bambaloo composting toilet, so you can easily go off-grid without having to worry about your black water plumbing.

There’s also a compact vanity and shower too with a sliding rollaway door.

A view of the toilet and vanity in the bathroom. Behind the camera person is the shower stall

The loft areas

To reach the loft areas, you have to use the main staircase in the center of The Archer, or the ladder that is by the downstairs bedroom.

The main staircase contains lots of storage space inside of each step.

A closer look at the staircase, where the some tops of the steps lift up to reveal additional storage space

When you climb the main staircase you are greeted by the upstairs bedroom.

You can fit a queen or a king-size mattress here as well as space for a full height wardrobe.

Even then, there is still head room.

The view from the bedroom loft space in the Archer
The bedroom loft area has room for a full-height wardrobe

The other loft area is above the downstairs bedroom and was made into a second living area.

It can also be used as an office space or as a third bedroom.

The ladder to access the living area loft. Underneath is the downstairs bedroom

Here are some images of the second loft area in The Archer tiny house.

The living area loft in the Archer tiny house is perfect for relaxing
The couch in the living area loft

The downstairs bedroom

The downstairs bedroom in The Archer tiny house is great for family members or friends who prefer to stay on the ground level or who cannot climb stairs.

It has ample room and is large enough to fit a queen size bed.

The downstairs bedroom in The Archer