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The Boomer Tiny House | A Wonderful Tiny Home by Build Tiny

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The Boomer Tiny House Featured Image

The Boomer tiny house was one of Build Tiny‘s earliest projects and their first off-grid home. It’s fitted with solar power but can also be connected to on-grid electricity. 

Overall, the Boomer tiny house contains some fantastic designs. The kitchen and bathroom are very modern and chique, as well as the loft bedroom, with the exterior to match.

The build was completed in late 2017 and was originally used as an Airbnb. This makes perfect sense, as it includes some really handy features for guests, such as a two-seater breakfast bar and open plan living space.

Are you ready for a tour? Let’s go!

Table of Contents:

The Exterior

The tiny house measures 7.2 metres in length, by 2.4 metres wide, by 4.2 metres tall. 

It’s made with a steel frame and coloursteel exterior cladding with a ply feature font wall. The ply finish is complimented with black detail around the window frames and other sides of the house.

The Boomer tiny house layout is landscape, with the double door entrance situated on the front side of the house.

There are two front-facing double glazed windows that allow natural light to enter the bedroom loft and kitchen. These, paired with the double doors, mean that natural light finds its way into all the areas of the home. 

The Boomer Tiny House exterior
The exterior of The Boomer tiny house with decking. Photo credit: Build Tiny

There were custom decking options available for the boomer tiny house. As you can see above, once it’s stationary, decking is placed at the front of the house. Here they’ve chosen to add a large porch area, with some raised plant beds, seating and an umbrella. 

As You Enter The Boomer Tiny House

When you step foot inside the Boomer tiny house, you’re greeted by a bright ambiance from the light wooden fixtures and natural light. 

The living area is the first part of the house. To your right, you will see the staircase leading up to the bedroom loft and the kitchen-diner area. 

Your first glance inside The Boomer tiny house
Your first glance inside The Boomer tiny house. Photo credit: Build Tiny

To your left is the three seater sofa which takes up the main part of the living space. 

The sofa will fold out into a double sofa bed for downstairs sleeping accommodation. It also offers extra storage space inside for household items and other bits and pieces. 

The living room of the boomer tiny house.
A view of the lounge area and front door to your left. Photo credit: Build Tiny

Next to the front door are louver windows. These work in a similar way to the blinds in the kitchen and are a perfect way to increase airflow into the tiny house.

There are three handles that can be turned up or down to lever the slats. Since the slats are split into three equal sections, you can choose how much air and at which height it enters the living space.

The Kitchen Diner

The kitchen in the Boomer tiny house takes up most of the space at the front of the house. It’s on the right-hand side as you enter or look at it from the  outside.

It benefits well from the large rectangular window above the sink and counter top, which allows tons of natural light to enter the open space. 

Sliding glass panes mean each half of the window can be opened to create airflow into the kitchen. It also features drop-down blinds.

The kitchen and dining area of the boomer tiny house.
The kitchen and dining area. Photo credit: Build Tiny

The kitchen consists of a large counter top and storage underneath, which also forms part of the dining area. There’s enough room to seat two at the end of the counter. 

There’s no shortage of appliances and hardware, as a large cooker, hob, sink and cupboards are available. 

The bathroom is parallel to the kitchen, with the entrance being visible as you enter.

Boomer tiny house bathroom entrance.
The entrance to the bathroom. Photo credit: Build Tiny

Before you reach the bathroom, however, there’s a staircase that leads to the bedroom loft. 

Underneath this staircase lies the fridge-freezer, plus additional storage that can be used as a pantry.

The boomer tiny house sink.
The Boomer kitchen features sliding windows and a large sink. Photo credit: Build Tiny

The kitchen in the Boomer tiny house features push button soft close storage, which indicates the high quality of this build. 

The boomer tiny house kitchen countertop.
The counter top and dining space. Photo credit: Build Tiny

The Bathroom

As you’ve seen, the bathroom in this tiny house is situated parallel to the kitchen, under the loft space, to the right of the house.

You enter the bathroom via the space saving cavity sliding door behind the kitchen. 

The tiny house bathroom door open.
A first look inside the bathroom of The Boomer. Photo credit: Build Tiny

The space itself is very compact, but enough to provide the basic necessities. 

There’s a small vanity and sink straight ahead, as well as a small window above to allow natural light into the room.

To your left, there is a composting toilet and some overhead storage for towels. To your right, the walk-in shower unit

The boomer tiny house bathroom sink and vanity.
The sink and vanity in the bathroom. Photo credit: Build Tiny
the boomer tiny house composting toilet.
A view of the composting toilet, shelving space and sink. Photo credit: Build Tiny

The shower in the Boomer tiny house features a shower dome to help reduce the build up of steam and moisture in the bathroom.

The Staircase

The Boomer tiny house features a fantastically designed staircase for your storage needs. 

The side of the staircase, visible throughout most of the downstairs, is painted white to match the rest of the interior. The wooden stair tops have been used to add an extra layer of detail to the design.

Nearly all of the space underneath the staircase can be utilized. It includes two roll-out drawers you can see underneath the second and third steps. Also, the wooden tops of the first and third stairs can be lifted up like lids to access the storage box underneath the step.

The storage staircase leading to the bedroom loft.
The staircase packed with additional storage. Photo credit: Build Tiny

There’s room for a washing machine in the largest cupboard, with power points built in. 

To the right of the washing machine cupboard lies a 255 litre fridge-freezer unit that also forms part of the under stair storage. 

The Bedroom Loft

After you climb the staircase, you’re greeted by the gorgeous bedroom loft.

There’s enough room here to host a large double air mattress with walk-around (or crawl-around) space. Windows on either side of the loft mean you’re greeted by natural light as you wake up in the morning. 

Bedroom loft with air mattress.
The bedroom loft area. Photo credit: Build Tiny
Prebuild bedroom loft.
The bedroom loft during the tiny house build. Photo credit: Build Tiny

The Boomer tiny house also includes a neat little storage and safety feature in the bedroom loft. 

At the foot of the bed, by the staircase, there are storage units. These act as a barrier between the edge of the loft and the drop to the first floor. 

This is a very welcome feature in the tiny house, as some models do not include a barrier like this to prevent any accidents during the night.

The storage in the bedroom loft. Photo credit: Build Tiny

Here’s the view from the top of the staircase in the Boomer tiny house. 

The view of the living area, from the top of the stairs in the bedroom loft.
The view of the living area, from the top of the stairs in the bedroom. Photo credit: Build Tiny

Video Tour

Discover the Boomer tiny house from Build Tiny themselves. 

Here’s their ‘quick tour’ video for you to watch below. 

Thank you for reading.

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