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The TinyVille Tour | An Amazing Tiny House BnB

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The tinyville tiny house tour

We’re here to give you a tour of the wonderful TinyVille house by Build Tiny.

This was a project the New Zealand based company completed in September 2018.

It has some nifty design features and at the time of writing this tour, it’s currently situated on Waikawa beach overlooking the sea.

The best thing about this the Tinyville is that you can even stay there yourself! It’s listen on AirBnB for bookings.

Discover more tours of the tiny houses made by Build Tiny on our website, such as the Millenial tiny house, which the Tinyville has taken inspiration from.

Table of Contents:

The Tinyville Entrance and Living Area

Here is the entrance to the Tinyville house. 

It currently makes use of decking to provide an outside seating area and to extend the living space.

Imagine being able to sit outside here and enjoy a meal with family or friends.

the entrance to the tinyville house.
The outside of the Tinyville, with decking in front.

As you step into the house you’re greeted by a compact living area with a couch. 

The minimalist area here is all you need, as it allows you to enjoy the view whether you’re inside or outside.

the living area in the tinyville tiny house.
The living area inside the tiny home.
The right-hand side of the house, with a staircase that leads to the bedroom loft.

The Kitchen

The Tinyville tiny house features a large kitchen area. 

It has all the facilities you’d find in a regular size home, such as a fridge, freezer, microwave and even a wall-mounted television.

The kitchen area on the left-hand side of the tiny house.

The kitchen area in the Tinyville also boasts some great storage space, as you will see from the images.

There are numerous cupboard and drawers that are soft close.

A closer look at the kitchen countertop.

The ladder to access the second loft space is attached to the wall by the kitchen, when it’s not in use.

The kitchen in the Tinyville features a breakfast bar positioned below a large window.

A stove and breakfast bar on the other side of the kitchen.

The bifolding window in the kitchen allows you to enjoy the view of the beach and the sea.

All of the windows in the Tinyville are double-glazed and it is fully insulated too.

The main kitchen window that overlooks the beach.

The Bathroom

The bathroom in the Tinville is located on the right-hand side of the house. 

As you go through the entrace, there is a hidden wardrobe behind the door.

The bathroom is a moderate size and includes a vanity, toilet and shower stall.

There’s enough space for a drying rack and also a hidden washing machine cupboard!

Above the shower is a dome to prevent steam build-up and the associated problems.

You won’t be able to see it in the images, but on the Tinyville exterior there is a rear access door for the chemical toilet maintenance. 

The stylish and compact bathroom design.

The Loft Areas

The main loft area on the right-hand side of the Tinyville house is accessible via retractable aluminium stairs.

These slide back into the bathroom wall when not in use.

The slide-out staircase in the wall that leads to the main bedroom loft.

The main loft area offers a queen size area to sleep, as well as some useful storage space.

The main bedroom loft area.

The second loft area, on the left-hand side of the Tinyville is accessable via a ladder that is stored on the wall when not in use.

Access to the second loft area above the kitchen.

The loft area here provides another great view of the beach and the sea.

It also doubles up as a spare bedroom space.

The second loft area above the kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed the tour of the Tinyville house by Build Tiny. 

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