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Modern Tiny House Tour – Wilhite Tiny House

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Wilhite tiny house kitchen

The Wilhite by Indigo River Tiny Homes is a 39′ by 8.5′ tiny house in their Pioneer collection. 

It has some great design features and a modern interior that anyone can appreciate.

We’ve created a tour of the Wilhite from the entrance all the way through to the bedroom, lofts and bathroom. Enjoy!

The exterior

The Wilhite tiny house has a unique exterior with a raised living space on the right-hand side, as well as the OSB sheathing color scheme.

However, it does have some standard features from Indigo River tiny homes such as smartcore ultra waterproof vinyl plank flooring and birch plywood interior walls.

The steel roof has a single sloped pitch.

There’s also spray foam insulation inside the tiny house with R-19 in the floor and R-13 in the walls and ceiling.

Wilhite tiny house exterior

The entrance

You enter the main kitchen area when you step into the Wilhite tiny house.

To your right is the bathroom on the first floor and upstairs is a loft area and living space with access via a staircase.

Each step has storage built-in.

There are LED lights throughout the tiny house and flush surface-mounted lights in the ceiling.

Wilhite tiny house kitchen

The kitchen

The kitchen in this tiny house has everything you need!

There’s a large refrigerator, oven, stove, ventilation fan, dishwasher and sink.

You’ll see that there’s a heat pump above the refrigerator for heating and cooling the tiny house.

To connect to water and electricity supplies, there’s a standard RV hook-up for water and 50 amp electrical hookup.

Wilhite tiny house kitchen

Loft storage space

There’s a neat little lofted storage area above the bathroom in this tiny house.

This could potentially even be an extra sleeping area.

Wilhite tiny house storage loft

Upstairs living area

If you carry on up the staircase, you’ll come to an upstairs living area with a television, fireplace and fold-out table with storage behind.

Wilhite tiny house loft

It has large windows perpendicular to one another and allows for panoramic views of your surroundings.

This also means it receives a lot of natural light that lightens up the entire home

Wilhite tiny house loft

Downstairs bedroom

On the other side of the kitchen, to the left, is a downstairs bedroom with large windows and room for a double bed.

Wilhite tiny house bedroom


Lastly, the bathroom in the Wilhite tiny house is a fantastic modern space with a minimalist and matte black aesthetic. 

It has all the features you need such as a full size flush toilet, vanity, mirror and shower stall.

Wilhite tiny house bathroom