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Best Tiny House Trailer Kit Options (Based on Your Location)

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Best Tiny House Trailer Kits (Based on Location) Text

The trailer is the foundation of a tiny home, so it’s essential that you choose the right model by taking the time to weigh up your options.

In this article, we’ll explain how tiny house trailer kits work, why they’re a good option if you want to move your tiny house as well as some trailer companies depending on where you live in the world.

How tiny house trailer kits work

A tiny house trailer kit comprises a number of parts that work together to create a movable platform for your home.

Level your tiny house trailer. It’s essential to level your trailer before you begin construction; otherwise, your entire tiny house will be tilted. If you can find an area of ground that’s already leveled, it will save you considerable time and energy.

Position your jack stands halfway between the ends of the trailer and the ends of the fender; level the surface where your jacks will be placed. Identify the highest piece of ground and use a hydraulic jack to bring the other three locations level.

Anchor your tiny house to the trailer via the attachment points, then begin building the foundation on which all the other elements of your tiny home will sit. A tiny house trailer kit usually comes with part of the subfloor already built-in; this provides structural support to your tiny home.

Install subfloor flashing to prevent debris from entering your home; this also provides a base for your subfloor insulation. (Some trailer kits will come with pre-attached and painted flashing).

Then install your subfloor insulation and sheathing, ensuring that you create an insulation gap between the deck and sheathing to prevent thermal bridging.

Once your foundations are complete, you’re ready to build out your tiny house: frame the wall sections, raise the walls, install the lofts, sheathing, and rafters, add house wrap, install windows, doors, and roof, add exterior siding and trims, install plumbing and electricity, insulate the walls and roof, and add the finishing touches.

Another consideration when purchasing your tiny house trailer kit is how you will mount it. You can put bolts through the wall bottoms into the trailer frame or opt for threaded studs that are welded to the trailer itself. On the other hand, you could opt for metal strapping which you can fit to the trailer’s frame using screws.

Why custom trailer kits are the best option for moving your tiny house

There are a number of factors that you’ll need to consider before you purchase a tiny house trailer kit. You need to figure out how many people you want to accommodate and how the design of your tiny home can meet these needs.

Plus, the power source you choose for your tiny house will make a significant impact on the overall weight of your build; for example, a solar array and battery bank can easily weigh in at 500kg.

Every tiny home is different, and purchasing a custom trailer kit means that you get the optimum fit for your home.

We’ve broken down all the tiny house trailer costs that you need to be aware of in our other article.

In addition, custom trailer kits utilize the knowledge of professionals to ensure you get everything right on your build.

Where to purchase tiny house trailer kits based on where you live

USA East Coast

Tiny Foundations use expert knowledge to create sound structural elements for your tiny home, and fully engineered steel framing kits save you a wealth of time and energy in the build of your house.

Your kit includes all tube steel constructions, cross members, steel belly pan, leveling jacks, wiring harness, electric brakes, LED light, and a lifetime guarantee.

USA Central

Trailer Made Custom Trailers help to create your dream tiny home from the ground up with solid foundations that hold the integrity of your floors and walls to keep your home stable and safe.

Plus, the company’s custom-made designs allow you to create the perfect trailer to suit your needs.

USA West Coast

Iron Eagle Trailers design and build trailers specifically for tiny houses. Their frames are tailored to support the structure and contents of your tiny home, and there are a number of features to improve your living quality.

The width of the fenders sits at the maximum limit to make use of every inch of space available, while the main frame is constructed from tubing to increase its strength.

South America

Go House And Trailer offer all of the infrastructure you need to build your tiny house dream.


HMD Trailers offer a range of trailers throughout the UK and Europe to accommodate the needs of your tiny home.


Tiny House Trailers is a New Zealand-based company that provides a range of trailer designs that you can customize to meet the needs of your tiny house build.