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11 Unique Tiny House Shower Ideas | Best Small Shower Designs

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The Mint Tiny House shower

Tiny houses are very popular nowadays for people who want to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. These small houses can be found in many different shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure: they all require an efficient bathroom design.

Showers are an essential part of any tiny house bathroom design. There are so many different layouts, bathroom storage solutions and accessories you can add to yours. Some of the showers take up an entire room, while others are just a small corner of the bathroom. Each design has something unique and interesting to offer.

Here are 11 of our favorite tiny house shower ideas that will help you think outside the box with your own project! We’ve included walk-in showers, bathtubs and even bathtub/toilet combos in this list of ideas.

If you want to learn more about how tiny house showers work, please see the article linked above that covers this topic in greater detail.

Table of Contents:

Unique tiny house shower layouts

The Gooseneck

The first tiny house shower design in this list comes from the Gooseneck tiny house by Liberation Tiny Homes.

Most of the time, tiny house showers are downsized to allow for more room in the bathroom, however, the shower in the Gooseneck is as large as any you’d find in a regular home.

It’s a walk-in shower with plenty of room for two people to stand side by side.

This large walk-in shower is a great bit of inspiration for your tiny house shower ideas.
The Gooseneck tiny house by Liberation Tiny Homes

The Tinyville

The Tinyville house by Build Tiny features a slightly larger bathroom than their other tiny house models.

This means it can house a generous corner shower, rather than just a wall-to-wall shower.

The Tinyville tiny house by Build Tiny
The Tinyville tiny house by Build Tiny

The Craftsman

The shower in the Craftsman tiny house is a walk-in with fixed glass pane door that looks visually stunning.

It’s on the left-hand side of the bathroom and is perfect for those who simply want to easily walk in and out of the shower at any point without having to open or slide doors.

The Craftsman Tiny House Shower
The Craftsman tiny house by Liberation Tiny Homes

Tiny house bathtub shower combo

The Sakura

The Sakura tiny house bathroom features a bathtub shower combo that will make you feel like royalty – it sure doesn’t scrimp on space.

The bathtub is perfect for a relaxing soak, while the shower offers plenty of space to clean up afterwards without feeling cramped or claustrophobic at all!

The Loft

This tiny house shower bathtub combo is courtesy of the Loft tiny house bathroom. 

It’s similar to the Sakura tiny house above as the shower element is vertical and quite high above the bathtub. 

The Loft tiny house comes in various different models, with this one having an amazing bathtub design.

The shower curtain rail is attached to the ceiling and covers the full perimeter of the bathtub due to the large window facing into the yard.

The Loft tiny house shower tub combo
The Loft tiny house by Mint Tiny House Company

The Modern Bohemian

The Modern Bohemian tiny house by Summit Tiny Homes also contains a shower and bathtub hybrid. 

It’s slightly more compact than the first two examples, however, it still offers the same benefits. 

The Modern Bohemian tiny house shower tub combo
The Modern Bohemian by Summit Tiny Homes

Tiny house shower toilet combo

Hanczar Studio Shower Toilet

This design by Hanczar studio has a shower and toilet combo in the smallest bathroom you’ll find.

It’s so small that it can’t even fit two people at once!

The bathroom is essentially a shower stall that contains a small flush toilet, a sink, vanity and shelf. 

Most tiny homes have a larger bathroom than this, where the shower stall is a separate component in the bathroom and does not house the toilet or vanity.

This tiny house shower toilet combo by Hanczar Studio

Amazing tiny house shower walls

The Modern

Here are some amazing tiny house shower ideas if you’re looking to gain some inspiration for your shower walls and tiling. 

In the Modern tiny house by Liberation Tiny Homes, the shower stall has different walls to the rest of the bathroom. The ceramic tiling blends in with the white walls but gives separation between the two. 

As well as the white, rectangular tiles, there is also some detailing toward the top of the shower, as well as two glass shelves.

The Modern by Liberation Tiny Homes
The Modern by Liberation Tiny Homes

Tiny Tawharau

The shower in the Tiny Tawharau house is the focal point of the bathroom. 

Many tiny house bathrooms by Build Tiny are as long as the shower cubicle itself, as you’ll come to see on the last tiny house shower design.

However, in the Tiny Tawharau the full-size cubicle takes up around half the width of the bathroom. 

The laminate walls extend around the whole room – there are no separate shower tiles.

The Tiny Tawharau by Build Tiny

More tiny house shower ideas

The Modern (again)

The Modern tiny house appears again on our list of top tiny house shower ideas due to its fantastic aesthetic. 

Liberation tiny homes produce different variations of each of their tiny house models, and this one contains a unique feature in its walls. 

Built into the shower is an inset shelf with tiling to match. Rather than having glass shelves added to the shower, this design makes the shower feel minimalist and stylish.

The Modern by Liberation Tiny Homes

The Camper

The final tiny house shower on this list is from The Camper by Build Tiny.

It’s interesting because it’s part of an extremely compact bathroom design. The bathroom is as long as the shower itself. The stall spans from wall to wall.

 In the middle of the bathroom is the sink and vanity, and to the left is the composting toilet. 

The shower also features a folding door rather than one on hinges which means it can be opened with minimal space available. 

The Camper tiny house by Build Tiny
The Camper tiny house by Build Tiny

That’s it! Thank you for reading, we hope you found some inspiration for your tiny house project.

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