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How Big Are Tiny House Showers? | Tiny House Shower Dimensions Explained

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the shower in the loft tiny house is quite large for a tiny house

If you’ve ever stayed in a tiny house, you know that space comes at a premium. You may also appreciate how useful showers are in tiny homes. 

Instead of having to shower at a local gym or campsite, being able to roll out of bed and enjoy a lovely high-pressure shower is worth sacrificing the space for.

But how much space do you really need for your tiny house shower? What are typical tiny house shower dimensions and sizes? 

We’re here to guide you through exactly what you need to know. Let’s go.

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Tiny house shower dimensions

How big are tiny house showers?

The size and dimensions of tiny house showers can vary. However, usually tiny house showers are at least 30 inches wide by 30 inches long (30″ by 30″). They can be larger depending on if your bathroom can accommodate the space.

Tiny house bathrooms must usually be at least 30 inches wide to provide space for the toilet. If a shower is also part of the bathroom, spanning wall to wall, then the width will also be 30 inches.

A 30″ by 30″ fibreglass shower stall can be bought ready-to-go from general building supply stores such as Home Depot.

If you’re looking for something even smaller then you may need to look at showers for RV’s or have one custom made. 

If you have a longer bathroom then this may accommodate a larger shower, perhaps 36″ by 36″ or more. 

The bathroom in the Littlejohn by Build Tiny is situated at the end of the house. The bathroom floor space is approximately 31.5 inches long and 94 inches wide. 

The bathroom is situated at the end of the tiny house.
The bathroom entrance in the Littlejohn Tiny House. Photo credit: Build Tiny

Here, the shower stall spans the entire length of the bathroom. It’s 31.5″ long by 29.5″ wide.

Bathrooms that are the same length as the shower stall are too small to fit all the fixtures and appliances you may find in a regular bathroom. The bathroom in the Littlejohn just contains a small sink and toilet along with the shower. 

This is ample room for a bathroom and the shower is large enough for everyday use. Some people prefer a little more walk around space, whereas this is hindered by the sink in the middle of the Littlejohn bathroom.

This tiny house bathroom shows how small the tiny house shower dimensions can be. It spans the entire width of the bathroom itself.
The shower stall in the Littlejohn Tiny House that spans the entire length of the bathroom. Photo credit: Build Tiny

In the other half of the bathroom lies the sink, mirror, composting toilet and window. If a larger shower is desired, this could be provided by making the bathroom longer.

If larger walk-around space is needed, then the bathroom could also be made longer. This would mean more of a square floor space, rather than rectangular, and a corner shower could be used to free up as much floor space as possible.

The entire tiny house bathroom dimensions are minimal in this tiny house. The sink, toilet and shower are fit into the bathroom at the end of the house.
The other half of the bathroom, as seen from the shower in the Littlejohn Tiny House.
Photo credit: Build Tiny

Ultimately, your tiny house shower dimensions depend on the size of your bathroom and vice versa. 

If you want your tiny house bathroom to also include a sink, vanity and even washer appliances, then your bathroom must be larger than the one in the Littlejohn. 

Your tiny house bathroom will usually be the same width as the entire house, but having these additional appliances or a larger shower will mean it becomes deeper than 30 inches and more square in shape. 

Here’s an example of a tiny house with a larger bathroom, the Loft from Mint Tiny House Company

The bathroom in the Loft is larger than the Littlejohn tiny house bathroom.
Photo credit: Mint Tiny House Company

The shower itself is large for a tiny house bathroom and is rectangular in shape. It’s positioned vertically in the bathroom, meaning there is enough space for a parallel toilet and walk-around space.

A washer-dryer is slotted in the remaining space by the shower. 

The large shower features a tiled wall effect. Photo credit: Mint Tiny House Company

Lastly, some tiny houses feature a wet shower. If space is very limited, the toilet and sink are pushed closer to the shower. 

A simple curtain rack is required to separate the toilet and sink. This means a shower stall doesn’t use as much as 30″ of width in your bathroom.

Usually, custom-built tiny houses contain a shower stall, rather than a wet shower and curtain. A luxurious bathroom usually features a shower that is well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and as large as possible. 

Things to consider for your tiny house shower dimensions


One small thing to consider when choosing your tiny house shower size is the plug and drain maintenance. 

If your tiny house contains a wet shower, or the dimensions of your stall are quite small (30″ by 30″ for example), then it’s important to remember to keep your plug and drain clear of any blockages and build up. 

If you fail to do so, water may collect at the bottom of your shower enclosure and potentially flow over the tray, causing water to spill out onto your bathroom floor.

Other than keeping your plughole free of any build-up, you can either increase the size of your plughole or increase the height of the shower tray barrier to prevent spillages.

It's important to consider drainage when choosing a small shower tray for your tiny house.

Space for other fixtures

As we’ve touched on in this article, everyone has different ideas for their tiny house bathroom.

You may only want a bathroom the same length as the shower itself, along with just a small sink and toilet. Others may want a full family-size bathroom equipped with extra space for appliances and walk-around room.

If you’re set on having your washer-dryer in your bathroom instead of the kitchen or utility area or having additional storage space for things like clothes, then your shower size may have to become a lower priority. 

If this is the case, you must estimate the amount of space required for all the more important features and then decide how big your tiny house shower dimensions can realistically be. 

Access to your shower

Although it only takes a few seconds, simply stepping in and out of the shower can become cause problems depending on the size of your shower and bathroom.

Leaving room between the entrance to the shower and any other fixtures in the bathroom is crucial. If a small shower stall is used then make sure the entrance is not obstructed and its full width can be used.

Size of shower components

Lastly, your tiny house shower size will affect the size of your shower components such as the showerhead, wall grip, stool, storage and more. 

A 30″ by 30″ shower may require a slimmer wall grip or less storage space than you anticipate. Make sure you stand inside the shower cubicle (or something of the same dimensions) to see how much free space there is to manoeuvre and then choose your shower accessories accordingly. 

Thank you for reading our guide on tiny house shower dimensions.

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