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Best Tiny House Pantry Ideas (With 5 Amazing Examples)

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Tiny house pantry in Horton tiny house kitchen

Storage space is one of the most significant issues for tiny homeowners, and when it comes to the kitchen, you want a space that accommodates all of your cooking needs; this includes ample food storage that allows you to store all of your ingredients.

A tiny house pantry is the perfect solution for this.

In this article we’ll answer how many tiny houses have pantries, how much space they provide and how to utilize it to maximum effect, as well as some fantastic examples from real tiny houses that you can use for inspiration.

Do tiny houses have pantries?

Not all tiny houses have pantries, but for people who like to cook, an array of smart designs are available to accommodate this storage in your tiny home.

Thanks to today’s innovation, there are many ways that builders can incorporate a pantry into your tiny home design. From under-the-stairs storage to loft pantries or pull-out cupboards, several solutions exist to increase the storage space in your kitchen.

How much space do tiny house pantries provide?

The space in a tiny house pantry varies according to the design.

If you incorporate the pantry into the kitchen cabinetry, like in the Denali design by Timbercraft tiny homes, you’ll have a standard cabinet to house your cooking ingredients.

The average tall cabinets (most often used as a pantry in tiny homes) possess standard dimensions of 84-96″ high, 12-24″ deep, and 12-36″ wide.

Alternatively, you can convert under the stairs or a loft area into a pantry, adding an extra storage area to your existing kitchen.

Timbercraft Denali tiny house pantry with two double doors and six shelves in white

How to save space in your tiny house pantry

Once you’ve installed your tiny house pantry, you’ll want to make the most of every inch of additional space you’ve created. And several versatile products can help you maximize the storage space in your pantry.

Airtight Containers come in various sizes to suit all your storage needs. Their airtight seals keep your food fresh and help to prolong storage time, while the see-through design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. In addition, these products are easy to stack, meaning you can use the entire depth of your shelf effectively.

Can Rack Organizer is a space-effective way of storing up to 36 cans or jars of food. Size adjustable dividers allow ample room for your products without wasted space, and the stackable design keeps your pantry tidy while allowing easy access to your goods.

An Overdoor Organizer helps you make the most of unused space by creating additional storage inside your door via racks and baskets that slot into place with a few simple screws.

In addition, you can use handy designs in other areas of your kitchen to save space in your pantry. Try a Magnetic Fridge Spice Rack Organizer that uses dead space on the side of your fridge to house small containers or jars. Or, opt for an Adjustable Storage Shelf that fits onto the side of your unit and allows you to use extra space efficiently.

If you’re really serious about saving room in your pantry, try creating a secondary space between the wall studs. Strip the finish on one side of your support beams that lead into the kitchen and add shelving to create extra space for cans and jars.

Examples of tiny house pantries

Horton by Build Tiny

Build Tiny have amazing staircase storage in their tiny homes, and their Horton model is no exception.

Other than offering drawer and cupboard space in the stairs, there’s also a pull out double pantry so you can keep jars and tins right next to the kitchen. 

It’s soft closing as well.

Horton tiny house pantry pulled out from staircase

Villakula by Indigo River Tiny Homes

The Villakula incorporates a large pantry into its kitchen design with added cabinetry to host food supplies. Popular in many tiny homes, this long cupboard style of pantry fits perfectly with the kitchen style and keeps your supplies neat and tidy.

Having the pantry in the kitchen, particularly when it’s within reach of the tiny stove and oven, allows you easy access to all of your cooking ingredients so that you don’t have to walk backwards and forward to obtain the herbs and spices for your dish.

Ad Astra by Rocky Mountain Homes

The Ad Astra model uses innovative design to maximize the available space and use the tiny house pantry as a divider between the kitchen and dining table.

This custom storage area includes adjustable shelving plus two pull-out drawers.

Ad Astra tiny house double pull out pantry in the kitchen

Nomad by Minimaliste

This design makes the most of a small space with plenty of cabinetry to house all kitchenware. The pantry has a tall cupboard next to the fridge, ideally located to keep your essential ingredients on hand.

This pantry contains a pull-out drawer with a microwave inside; a sleek design allows the kitchen to maintain a sense of spaciousness without feeling too cluttered

Farrell by Indigo River Tiny Homes

Indigo River Tiny homes take advantage of the Farrell design’s high ceilings to create additional pantry space.

Thanks to the open design, the kitchen feels spacious and open, but no space goes to waste, and the over-the-counter storage units take advantage of the increased height while keeping all of your tiny house kitchen essentials to hand.

Farrell tiny house pantry under the staircase next to the kitchen area