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5 Inspiring Ideas for Tiny House Loft Windows

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The loft windows in the Denali tiny house by Timbercraft tiny homes

Lofts are an important but often overlooked part of tiny house living.

They’re mainly used as bedrooms, but can be also provide space for home offices or living rooms. 

Therefore, it’s important that tiny house lofts are well bright, well ventilated and cozy. 

A simple way to achieve all three of these features is by utilising tiny house loft windows. They play a huge part in making your tiny house loft comfortable and practical.

There are also many different window options and ideas you can choose from when designing your loft area. In this article, we discuss the different types of tiny house loft window, as well as instllation and overall benefits. Let’s go.

Types of tiny house window loft

There are so many types of tiny house loft windows, but these 5 stand out for their beauty and function.


Cute with practical function, this window is great for a lofted space. It opens by swinging out from the bottom and staying connected at the top. This creates a little “umbrella” for rain to run off.

The Ynez tiny house features two sets of tiny house loft window.
The Ynez tiny house with loft windows by Timbercraft Tiny Homes


This is the style of window that protrudes out from the house and usually has a seating area like a window nook on the inside. They are visually stunning from the outside and comfort-rewarding on the inside. A Bay window is generally put on the first floor and would not work well for a lofted area. If it was your dream however, it can be done by a specialist.


No matter the decade, the skylight always has a place. They sit on the roof of your structure and provide a very different feel as the light streams from above. You can get the kind that open or the kind that are permanently shut. Closed ones are better sealed and do well in a lofted space.  

The Towhee tiny house has double, sliding loft windows on both sides.
The Towhee tiny house has skylight in the loft


These are common tiny house loft windows that are budget-friendly.


These are interesting and quite a bit cheaper than the average window. They don’t open at all, which means they aren’t great for bathrooms. But because of their simple cute design, they would be great in a lofted space.

Options for your loft windows

Tiny House windows are a very exciting part of the build. From the light that filters in to brighten your space to the design aesthetic, they do a lot.

In lofted spaces, they are especially important to bring in light to an already naturally dark area. But how do you get started choosing which type of window is best in your loft?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a tiny house loft window. Think through:

  1. Custom-made. either by a contractor or in some cases DIY. It’s important to know your building limits/capacities if you chose the DIY route.
  2. Pre-made. These are the windows ready to install. There will be generic sizes which may or may not fit properly with your tiny home, but these stock windows are more budget-friendly.
  3. Budget. This will determine whether you can afford higher end custom tiny house loft windows or if you’ll need to get stock sizes.
  4. Design. This is the style and placement of the window. If you chose the DIY route, sometimes the design element is limited. Based off your budget, you’ll know what you can do with the design. It’s the fun part that can add character to your home.

Solidifying these 4 components will allow you to purchase the windows that suit your space in a perfectly crafted way.

How to install tiny house loft windows

If you are handy and feel inspired to install your own window in your lofted space, here are some steps to guide the process. The first is to check out carpenter Anna White’s vlogs and blogs. She and her partner provide incredible, user-friendly templates for building your own furniture or DIY projects.

One of her most recent videos shows exactly how to install a window to your tiny home step by step. They guide you through the cut, how to use the shims, flash tape, and the final installation.

When installing your tiny house loft window you need to be precise. Take accurate measurements and execute precise cuts. You’ll also need to adhere your flash tape in just the right way.

There are ways to do this wrong that are worth checking out to save you time and money in the future. But the job of installing a window can be summed up in one word: precision.

Here’s another video on how to cut and install a new tiny house loft window:

Why your tiny loft needs windows

Your loft needs windows primarily for the light. These spaces may benefit from the windows on the lower level, but chances are things will still be dim.

Adding in windows that fit your aesthetic will liven up your tiny loft space and create enjoyable airflow. It also creates a great view to experience while you’re working or relaxing.

Apart from the natural light windows provide, the design element can function almost like art.

Tiny house home owners Christian and Alexis show how this is done by creating “a wall of windows.”

Suddenly a once simple normal wall, becomes this visual display of different window types. Imagine it like a variety of different kinds of picture frames on a wall.

When the wall if full of frames, your eyes can glance over the beautiful details for long periods of time. A Wall of windows creates the same visual interest.

You also could create one giant tiny house loft window wall where they stretch all the way from the bottom to the top. This gives off a very modern, luxurious feel but it’s quite expensive.

To make this work, you’ll need a specialist in window-making as well as the budget to support the installations. But the effects of something like this in a lofted area would be dramatic in the best ways.

Light, airflow, design –all the things windows in a lofted space provide.

It’s worth it to research what you’ll need in your window-making process, whether you go with a contractor or not.

No matter how you get there, you’ll reap the benefits thayt all tiny house loft windows have to offer in your small space.

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