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Best Tiny House Loft Storage Ideas (5 Great Examples)

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The tiny house loft storage space in the Nugget Tiny House by Build Tiny

One of the biggest concerns for tiny homes is storage space. With the overall space of a tiny home is limited, creating storage becomes both a task and a dream. It’s one area of the home that requires a lot of careful thought, planning and attention to detail.

Getting creative with adding in hidden storage or maximizing the space to accommodate tiny house loft storage is the exciting part. But the more difficult part is designing the nuanced details required to make storage space work in a way that flows in your tiny home.

By lofting an area, you immediately increase space-saving options for yourself and open the world of storage you need. Even though tiny homes require a level of comfortability with a minimalist lifestyle, tiny house loft storage space is always welcomed no matter what.

So what are some ideas for loft storage space within your tiny home?

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Tiny house loft storage space options

Loft stair storage

Having a lofted space means you also need to design the pathway up to it. If you choose to do stairs, they can be unique by serving a dual purpose. They can both take you to your loft and provide additional storage space you may need. You’ll find stairs made of everything from large open cubes to more discreet pull out draws.

For a simple cube design, boxes can be layered on top of each other to create functional stairs up to your lofted area. These box stairs are not only inventive, but cheaper and easy to install than traditional stairs. Then there’s pull out drawers used for tiny house loft storage hidden inside the stairs. The beauty of these is how easy it is to slide them out, grab what you need, then slide it back in.

Roof storage

A place not often thought of as storage space is the roof. It’s actually the best place for hidden storage in a lofted area. This kid of hidden storage could be used for items you don’t need immediate access to, like camping equipment, seasonal clothing or sentimental keepsakes.


With lofted areas being small, it’s important to find ways to create storage that doesn’t detract from the overall space capacity of the bedroom. One inventive way to do this is to utilize the floorboards.

Creating spaces beneath that can be accessed from under the loft bed means getting the additional storage space your small, lofted bedroom craves. Pack away items you don’t use regularly but may use seasonally to experience the benefits of storage in your lofted floorboards.

The loft storage bed in the Annette tiny house by Indigo River tiny homes
The storage loft bed in the Annette tiny house

A-frame shelves

When your lofted area is designed like an A-frame, chances are the wall space isn’t ideal for shelves, except that it is. Using the beams that are already built into the structure, you can leave them exposed and they immediately begin to function as wall shelves. That’s the key. Instead of trying to add wall shelves which would be difficult due to the shape of the walls, you can use what’s already built-in.

Cupboard stairs

Dual-purpose is also a big space-saving concept when cupboards meet stairs. By using the space beneath the stairs as cupboards, you can store what you need without losing additional space by having separate stairs and cupboards.

Combing these two creates a unique way to store your objects while maximizing your design space while accessing your lofted area with ease.

The dual staircase with lots of storage options in the Charme tiny house by Minimaliste Homes
The staircase in the Charme tiny house

Tiny house loft office storage

The Nugget tiny house by Build Tiny has a loft office area with a footwell.

Although there’s not a lot of tiny house loft storage space at the desk itself, it’ wide enough for a lamp, notebooks and a laptop.

Behind are book shelves and cozy loft furniture.

The loft office storage space in the Nugget Tiny House by Build Tiny
The loft office storage in the Nugget tiny house

Best tiny house loft storage organizers

Tiny house loft storage space only gets more intricate when you utilize additional products that promote an increase in storage or organization. There are an incredible amount of great products for this that are worth taking a look at.

 Here are 6 items you’ll need to make storage everything it was meant to be in your tiny home:

  • Kootek Drawer Organizer. This set of 16 different sized small bins can be used to effortlessly organize any pull-out drawer. Imagine you’ve just started filling your new dual purpose stair drawers with various kitchen items. When these items end up jumbling together, the small drawer space can become cluttered quickly. In order to keep things clean and tidy for years to come, these types of drawer organizer bins are a must, giving you a fresh experience with your space.
  • The Huawind Tree Bookshelf. When it come to organizing your books, it can seem like the same thing over and over again. But with the Huawind Tree Bookshelf, you can change that scenario. This product is really beautiful. It’s an irregular shaped, small free-standing bookshelf that ends up looking like a piece of artwork once you store your books on it. It sits perfectly perched next to your bedside for a great quiet nighttime reading activity.
  • Ormeli Drawer Dividers. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact. These drawer dividers do just that. They are simple, thin 11” rectangular pieces that can expand on either end to 17”. They have rubber grip pads on their left and right sides to keep from slipping. They also can be used horizontally to divide a drawer or vertically to divide sections on your shelves. It’s amazing how these small items can create such a large amount of beautiful structure.
  • Airtight Food Storage Containers. This is one way to organize your food but also keep your area looking tidy and on trend. Kitchen organization is one of the places where things can really shine. When you do it right, you can find the items you need with ease while making your area look great. Being able to navigate your kitchen effortlessly due to the organisation makes for a wonderful experience, especially with your food in order in a matching set of quality containers.
  • The Savvy Pantry Organizer. This pantry organizer system uses the vertical space in your compartment to keep things well maintained by stacking items (like cans) in rows. By using this device, you can stack on top of each other without having to worry about them falling. The organization these bring to your pantry is refreshing, especially when a disorganized pantry space cause create stress. So these little devices might create stacked organization, but really they’re creating happiness.
  • Stackable Foldable Storage Boxes. These space-saving bins are so unique in their designs. You can collapse them when not in use, so they take up almost no space and can be slid into small areas. Once needed again, they expand to hold whatever items you need to store. Versatile bins like this are extremely helpful for organizing a minimalist space like a tiny home.

Essentials for your tiny loft

Once your tiny house loft is ready for storage, you might think through the types of items that work well stored away in this type of space.

If the loft is used primarily for storage, seasonal items are great to store away. This way you’re only accessing them at times when you really need them, which keeps you from taking unnecessary trips up and down a ladder. Think of seasonal clothing items stored in the collapsible bins. Or items used just in summer or just in winter that you need, but don’t want out.

The shape of your tiny house loft will also impact the type of items you can store away. If it’s a small A-frame, you’ll be limited to smaller items, especially if it’s difficult to physically enter the space. If it’s a more open concept and larger loft, then you’ll be able to utilize it for larger items.

Some larger items you may want to store in a lofted space would include camping equipment such as a tent, warm sleeping bags, cooking utensils, a 2-in-1 cooler back pack, and quality duffel bag for storing your clothing items.  

Other larger items stored away in a tiny house loft could include large containers or craft supplies or office-related items. But the space really need to be large enough in order to physically grab the bins and carry them down to where you need them. You’ll also need to access this loft via stairs vs. a ladder as climbing down a ladder with large storage items isn’t safe.

For smaller items, a small loft would be great for tiny house loft storage. This could include extra kitchen items that are needed, but not used regularly and do better not left out on the counter or taking up valuable cupboard space. These kinds of smaller items include crockpots, extra paper towel rolls, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, etc. It could also include the storage bins of seasonal clothing items, which could be stored in either a large or smaller lofted space.