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Tiny House Loft Size Explained – 6 Examples

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tiny house loft size explained

Tiny homes often go hand in hand with lofts; such a small amount of space means that you want to maximize the use of every single square inch.

Height regulations often limit your loft to only three to four feet in height, so using innovative designs is a must to make the most of your home.

Continue reading to explore the different types of tiny house loft sizes, height, dimensions, requirements, and innovative solutions to solve the problem of height in your loft.

How tall should a tiny house with a loft be?

The height of your tiny house for towing purposes is 13.5 feet tall, 8.5 feet wide, and 40 feet long to a maximum length of 60 feet, including the tow vehicle.

Considering that the lower floor has a minimum height requirement, using the total 13.5 feet height is a good idea if you want to add a loft. But be aware that the height includes your trailer, and you’ll need to take that into account before you begin building.

Most tiny houses total less than 200 sq feet; however, the exceptions to the rule are those that are built as foundational houses and not intended for movement.

The average height of a tiny house loft ranges from 0.9m to 1.2m depending on various factors, including the height of your trailer and the style of your roof.

Can you stand up in a tiny house loft?

A traditional tiny house is unlikely to have standing space in the loft; however, smart solutions are available if you desire a stand-up loft.

Firstly, you could create a gooseneck loft, which is ideal for a stand-up office desk and a great way to make use of a tiny space.

Secondly, you could create an inverted loft. By placing your bed underneath the loft, you can keep the ceiling much lower and allow for standing space upstairs. The benefits of this design mean that you can make the most of your home while keeping an open and spacious feeling to your room.

What is the required height for the ceiling below the loft in a tiny house?

Depending on your juristiction, the hallways and habitable spaces of tiny homes can have a minimum ceiling height that you should adhere to. In some countries, these are between 6 foot 8 inches and 7 foot tall.

For kitchens, bathrooms, and toilet areas, this height can be reduced. However, you must clearly separate the area you define as a kitchen from any walkways.

Whatever the height requirement is for you, you’ll likely want to allow a couple of extra inches for lights and other features.

Tiny House Loft Dimensions

Small bedroom loft

Small Bedroom Lofts maximize a tiny home’s space by using the minimum area required for a single sleeper. This tiny home in France uses the loft space to house a single bed only, keeping the rest of the home open and spacious, with a high ceiling.

Average dimensions of a small tiny house bedroom loft: Length 6’6″ (2.00m), Width 3’3″ (1.00m), Height 3’3″ (1.00m).

Full-size bedroom loft

A full-size bedroom loft, such as the KODA loft, allows more space for couples or small families to sleep in a small home while maintaining the floor space of the ground level.

The design often depends on the owner’s priorities – if your tiny home is a place for relaxation, you may opt for a bigger bed and loft space. Whereas if functionality and storage space in your tiny house loft are your priorities, you’ll want to keep sleeping space to a minimum with high ground floor ceilings and a low height to your loft.

Some tiny house bedroom lofts have enough headroom when you’re standing up.

Average dimensions of a full-size tiny house bedroom loft: Length 11’5″ (3.5m), Width 5’5″ (1.65m), Height varies.

One of the loft bedrooms in the Bay Tree tiny house by Build Tiny

Double loft

A double loft is ideal for larger families or couples who often have overnight guests. And a double loft isn’t only for sleeping space. If you only require one bed in your tiny home, you can use the second loft space for storage, as an office, or even as a library.

The double loft allows you space for anything from clothes to books, relaxation rooms with bean bags a TV and extra loft furniture, to a play area for young children. With a double loft, the storage possibilities are endless. Check out this tiny home by Amazing Spaces NZ for loft cupboard inspiration.

Average dimensions of a double tiny house loft:

Room 1 Length 11’5″ (3.5m), Width 6’3″ (1.9m), Height 3’11” (1.2m).

Room 2 Length 14’9″ (4.5m), Width 6’3″ (1.9m), Height 3’11” (1.2m).

Office loft

If you require an office in your tiny home but don’t want to take up too much space, opt for a flexible design like this one by Millennial. Without a floor, there is more headspace when you’re on the ground. And the open plan allows your feet to hang freely below you when you’re in the office.

A simple office design allows you to house all of your technology and office supplies; you can also add drawers underneath the desk to add extra storage space.

Average dimensions of a tiny house office loft: Length 8’2″ (2.5m), Width 3’3″ (1.0m), Height varied.

The tiny house office loft in the Millennial tiny house by Build Tiny

Retractable loft

A retractable loft is an innovative option that offers the best of both worlds for those who love technology. You can use this adaptable style in many ways, such as this tiny home, which has a retractable loft bed.

A retractable loft is great for those who want a spacious feeling to their tiny home. However, it can take away potential storage space.

Average dimensions of the tiny house retractable loft: Length 6’6″ (2.0m), Width 4’11” (1.5m), Height varied.

Mezzanine Loft

If you’re not too worried about height and want the maximum amount of floor space possible, then a mezzanine loft can be the perfect option.

This is great for small children who can play freely upstairs and have plenty of extra space for their toys and possessions. A mezzanine that spreads the entire length of your tiny home also allows for ample bed space.

Average dimensions of a tiny house mezzanine loft: Length 16’4″ (5.0m), Width 13’1″(4.0m), Height 3’11” (1.2m).

The loft in the Loft tiny house by Mint Tiny House Company


A loft is a great way to maximize the space in your tiny home. With limited room, it’s a good idea to decide your priorities before designing your floor plans.

Lofts offer various opportunities: storage solutions, extra bed space, or a home office. Using innovative technologies and smart features, your tiny home will feel much more extensive.

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