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Can you have a tiny house loft over kitchen? (5 Examples)

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The Avon tiny house with a loft area over the kitchen.

Tiny house lofts come in all shapes and sizes. Their style versatility and capacity for storage are what make them so unique. But what is the best place to position your lofted area and why? 

When it comes to having a tiny house loft over kitchen, you can’t go wrong. Thinking through where to position your lofted space is all part of the design process. 

Pros and cons of lofts over kitchens

  • Storage Space. Kitchens in these kinds of homes require a minimalist’s take on kitchen items. But every home has it’s needs and creating a lofted space above your kitchen expands your capacity for the essentials, like bowls, plates, cups and anything else you need, but don’t want out.
  • Design Aesthetic. Lofted spaces aren’t just for practical purposes. They can be artistic in nature if that’s what’s needed. Lofting your space and placing art pieces and plants can accentuate the beauty of a kitchen you’re hoping to show off. Completing the look of your kitchen by accentuating it with an artistic loft is a beautiful concept.
  • Creates More Kitchen Space. Having a tiny house loft over kitchen allows your kitchen below to increase in size. Some will take advantage then of installing full sized kitchen appliances and enjoy the perks that come along with that. And whether you opt for full size or half sized appliances, you’ll still enjoy more space.

Now what about the Cons?

Having a tiny house loft over kitchen can be great, but there are things to watch out for.

  • Proximity. Having a lofted bedroom for example above a kitchen might not be great for sleep. Say if someone is using it and another person is trying to sleep, the noise could create a problem for the sleeper.
  • Size. Lofts can range in size, but if your tiny house loft is small and resting above your kitchen, it could feel cramped and be difficult to access.
  • Access. If it’s a small loft used for storage, accessing it and bringing down the items might not be easy, especially if a ladder is involved. Climbing up or down your tiny house loft ladder results in not being able to use your hands very well to bring down more kitchen items.   

Tiny house loft over kitchen examples

Taking time to admire lofted spaces can provide you with the inspiration you need when creating your own. Here are some lofted spaces above kitchens that may just win you over.

  • Cocoa by Modern Tiny Living is a gorgeous design display of smooth rustic wood, black hardware accessories, and big bright windows. There are unique cube stairs leading up to the lofted bedroom space sitting just above the kitchen.
The Cocoa tiny house by Modern Tiny Living has a tiny house loft over kitchen area.
The Cocoa tiny house by Modern Tiny Living has a loft over the kitchen area.
  • The Avon is a small, beautiful unit meant to be experienced as a rental vs. a permanent home. The bedroom is lofted above the kitchen and sits perfectly as it should for this compact tiny home.
  • Kokosing is another example of a tiny home with suburb style and a great lofted space above the kitchen. It sports a structured, petite A-frame loft that rests over a kitchen interior bathed in modern blues and whites.  
The original KoKoSing tiny house by Modern Tiny Living
The Kokosing tiny house by Modern Tiny Living
  • The Braxton is this unique tiny home built with tuxedo coloured kitchen cabinetry and bright countertops. The loft engages with the kitchen by a set of modern stairs and see-through railings.
  • The Ocracoke is another example of this lofted space over the kitchen layout. The vibe is airy with a Scandinavian feel where the above loft compliments the kitchen space beneath it.