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Creative Tiny House Loft Office Ideas (With Examples)

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Image of the Millennial Tiny house loft office area

Office space is a hot topic right now with the rise in work-from-home culture.

So many people have exchanged their cubicles for their couches, then exchanged their couches for an actual office set up within their homes.

With tiny house living, the office space is even more important as the details will determine what you can and can’t incorporate to assist you in your everyday work environment.

But limitations aren’t a set back here, they are the mother of invention.

The company Build Tiny understands this and is leading in innovative, tiny house loft office designs.

One of their originals homes is named nonother than “The Millennial,” and it features a unique lofted office worth looking at.

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Amazing tiny house loft office

The exterior of the Millennial is a sleek 24’ high rectangular build encased in modern coloured steel frame.

It has not one but two lofted areas for bedroom and office spaces. One of its more dramatic features is two sets of French doors on the lower level.

They sit directly across from each other on the long portions of the rectangle’s sides.

The air is lovely and breathable when you open both sets of doors and the entire space is riveted with storage, full-sized appliances, slide-out stairs, and hidden compartments, making it the full package deal.

While the entire structure is incredible, it’s the tiny house loft office space that stands out, particularly due to its large dimensions. Imagine on a warm day working on your laptop and enjoying the heat and light filtering through your open French doors.

Your body is at ease in the process due to the airflow and the ergonomic considerations this unique office build hosts. Maybe the most notable one is the drop-down extension for your feet, allowing your body to sit at full height.

The Millennial accommodates the work-from-home culture like none other down to every detail. It even has this beautiful minimalist ladder for climbing into the lofted office space.

Whether it’s ladders or stairs, how you get into your lofted spaces is something buyers have to think through carefully.

Access for loft offices

Being guided up into your tiny house loft office space varies from place to place.

The millennial incorporates a minimalist approach using natural woods and no rails.

Other loft offices use other means to usher people into the office space.

Stairs doubling as cabinets or pull-out drawers are popular as well. This is known as the Tansu concept, and many tiny houses that are getting larger in size opt for this means of upward movement.  

No matter how you get into your tiny house loft office space, each one will need the right equipment to make you thrive while working.

Kitting out your loft office

The beauty of an office space goes beyond just a slab of plywood and a laptop. It’s so much more.

The environment needs to welcome you into your workspace and provide the right items for success and comfort.

Look at the following items for creating a functional and beautiful tiny house loft office space meant to support your body:

  1. Built in desk with storage. Custom made built-ins always save the most space, even over modular furniture.
  2. Desk height converter. Sometimes stretching up is better for your body while at a laptop.
  3. Ergonomic rolling chair for floor level office. Your knees can hook over a second lower tier, causing your back to straighten.
  4. The no-spill coffee and headphone holder. Keeping your multifaceted latte secure is important for the safety of your laptop.
  5. A small desk organizer that keeps track of your phone, glasses and pencils.

Getting the right items and loft furniture is essential for your workday to flow. But items for a lofted space will vary from items you’ll need on a floor office in tiny living. So which is better?

Tiny house regular vs loft offices


We will go over the pros of lofted offices vs. ground level offices in tiny homes and then let you decide which is right for you.

Probably the first thing a lofted space does it give you more space. When you use the vertical areas, it leaves extra room below to accommodate more rooms or storage. And by traveling up, it allows the eye to believe the space is larger than it is.

Lofts also provide a level of privacy that can be coveted in small, shared spaces like a tiny home. The goal is to share space, but not have valuable work time interrupted. Lofts create this small oasis, a room away from a room so to speak.

When you decide to incorporate a tiny house office loft into your design, you also inadvertently allow your kitchen and bathroom to incorporate normal sized appliances. When living in a small space, it’s the little things that count.

Maybe having larger appliances provides the kind of ease you need to enjoy your space more.

The downstairs office in the Total Grace tiny house


There are some cons too. These primarily have to do with physical capacity which varies from person to person.

Aging gracefully is difficult if you’re using your body in an uncomfortable way going up and down stairs and ladders multiple times a day. It’s not ideal for those of a certain age or those with body restrictions.

Having an office on the ground floor then saves you from making trips up and down a ladder repeatedly per day.
It also allows tiny homes to be built in a socially conscientious way.

People who are differently-abled, may also want to purchase a tiny home and won’t want to feel limited by the use of a lofted office space. Ground level will be perfect for this community.

You may run into another snag while moving furniture into your space and trying to get around the railings leading up to the tiny house loft office.

If you’re dealing with move-in pieces vs. built-in pieces, operating on the ground floor might be the way to go.


Dream big when it comes to your lofted tiny house office space. The possibilities for creating the perfect, customized details are endless.

Have fun, think critically about the space and how you want to fill it, and you’ll enjoy working from home in a whole new way.