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10 Best Tiny House Loft Furniture Items (Ultimate Guide)

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Tiny House Loft Furniture Guide

More now than ever, tiny houses are an attractive alternative to typical large-scale homes.

Part of the appeal is people can feel at ease knowing they are helping the environment while simultaneously helping their pocketbooks.

With the reduction in size, you also get the reduction of carbon footprint and hefty mortgages, which otherwise could feel like a lifelong sentence.

Sounds freeing right? But what about the challenges?

Most find adjusting to the limited space just takes time but is manageable. Another challenge is discovering the right furniture for your new tiny house.

So where do you begin?

Let’s take a look at some key tiny house loft furniture pieces you’ll need to successfully enjoy your tiny home, especially the lofted bedroom, storage space or office.

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Ultimate guide to tiny house loft furniture

Bedroom lofts

Bedroom lofts are common in modern tiny houses.

Some only have enough space for a mattress, whereas others are able to hold lots of storage as well.

However much space your tiny house bedroom loft has, we’ll give you some great furniture ideas.

Bedroom in the Loft tiny house

The right mattress

Starting here will be essential as this piece is incredibly important for your comfort and determining how space is partitioned for each item.

When you decide the right size, it often depends on the size of the floor and if there is a dormer present. If the space can accommodate a queen-sized mattress, you can opt for this as it accommodates a partner.

If your surface area can’t accommodate a queen, there are other options as well.

Linenspa sells a variety of mattress sizes geared towards Rv’s, but guess what?

That works well for your tiny loft bedroom too.

They are hybrid builds of memory foam and traditional support springs ready to give you the good nights rest you deserve.

Ambient lighting

Besides the built-in lighting, chances are you’ll need extra for late-night reading, especially if there are no windows in your lofted bed area.

Traditional floor lamps and beautiful pendant chandeliers just won’t work. Instead, you’ll need something that can mount to the wall or ceiling without taking up too much space.

EShine sells the dimmable 17” under cabinet light fixture, only it can go anywhere in your space as it easily sticks with an adhesive strip.

They also cleverly installed a magnetic piece on each end so you can adhere it to any “ironwork surface.” It’s motion sensing and reachable using battery or USB.

Easy to apply bedsheets

If you’ve ever changed a fitted sheet, you understand the physical requirements leave you flopping, rolling and tugging in a desperate attempt to get that sheet off.

Can you imagine this process in a small space where you can’t even stand fully up?

Thankfully there is a solution for your bed-making troubles.

QuickZip Fitted Sheets provides an easy-to-remove luxury bedsheet.

It’s one of those investments that will be worth it in the end as it saves you time and valuable energy.

Book holder

Sometimes in tiny living, you must get creative. And by sometimes, I mean always. Like when it comes to reading in bed at night.

It’s one of those favorite pastimes that calms nerves and provides excitement for the imagination.

But where will you store your books?

That’s the creative part.

You’ll need somewhere to put them that both fits with your minimalist aesthetics as well as provides easy access.

Enter the PAG 5 tier organizer, adjusted perfectly for your bedroom space and books. It’s beautiful, it’s minimalist, and it’s on trend for storying a couple books next the bed without producing clutter.

Storage lofts

Another reason why you may have a loft in your tiny house is simply for additional storage. Why wouldn’t you?

Here’s a list of tiny house loft furtniture items you can use to take advantage of this extra space.

Small loft space in the Denali XL tiny house

Corner shelves

The corners in tiny house living can’t be overlooked.

Utilizing this type of vertical space becomes a great way to store small items in a space that’s not quite large enough to be a bedroom.

You also don’t have to sacrifice beauty with something low quality.

Check out these gorgeous, high quality and highly affordable corner mounting shelves. Simple and functional, you can’t go wrong.

Pegboard organizer

This type of storage organizer is just plain fun.

It utilizes a simple peg board system and custom pegs to create a series of movable shelves and individual pegs for hanging things.

It’s simple to assemble and easy to move around.

Perfect for a space where you need to store crafts, odds and ends, or items you need but don’t want out all the time.

Collapsible storage bins

Items will be acquired that don’t need to be out all the time, but you will need access to them when needed.

These Collapsible Storage Bins serve a fantastic storage container when you need them but can easily be slid underneath a small space and stored out of the way when you don’t.

They’re perfect for storage in a small, lofted space.

Office lofts

Tiny house lofts can make a great place for an at-home office space.

For example, the Millennial tiny house has a creative home office loft above the kitchen.

Here are some great tiny house furniture ideas for an office loft.

The millennial tiny house office loft

Coffee table desk

With limited space, objects need to perform multiple purposes.

There just isn’t room for a desk, coffee table, and dining table. But what if you have a piece that can function as all three?

The Tangkula Lift Table has lots of storage inside as well as extenders that allow the top part of the table to lift, becoming the height of a desk. This is perfect for your multipurpose needs.

Double sided shelving

The nature of DIY is that all things are possible when you put your mind to it.

For office supplies to stay tidy, out of the way but accessible, people have turned to the mason jar.

Only this time, it’s used in a very clever way.

By adhering the lids to the bottom of the shelf, you can hang the jars underneath and fill them with whatever you need stored.

Then the top of the shelf can also be used for your office supplies.

Warm rugs

For the sake of practicality, it’s easy to forget the pretty part of building a tiny home lofted office.

But sometimes a rug is just what an office needs for the sheer beauty of it.

Amazon hosts rugs of every design and size.

Whatever your style, they can supply what you need from tufted boho chic to wild patterns befitting the maximalist.


The numerous freedoms that come with tiny house living are worth every bit of the sweat and tears it takes to build such a unique space.

Remember, you’re reducing carbon footprint and living mortgage free. Plus, the value of things takes on new meaning as you mindfully pick each and every piece of furniture in the space.

Thankfully, there are so many options to fit your aesthetic that you can’t go wrong, even when dealing with furnishing a small, lofted area not big enough to fit a bed.

So enjoy the journey one beautiful furniture piece at a time.