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11 Amazing Tiny House Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Tiny house kitchen storage ideas in the Larissa and Tyler tiny house by Build Tiny

There are so many creative options when it comes to storing food, appliances and household items in your tiny house kitchen.

Since space comes at a premium in tiny homes, builders have devised ingenious tiny house kitchen storage ideas that allow you to keep more without sacrificing comfort.

We’ve created a list of the best eleven tiny house kitchen storage ideas, check them out below.

Tiny house kitchen cabinet ideas

L-Shaped cabinets

L-shaped cabinets create a one-wall kitchen design that is perfect for small spaces. Concentrating all of the tiny house kitchen storage space and appliances onto two sides leaves the others free to create a spacious and open feeling.

Another benefit of an L-shaped kitchen is that it allows you easy access to the appliances you want. And this simple flow will enable you to entertain guests while preparing dinner.

In this tiny house, the L-shaped cabinetry separates the kitchen from the living area. Complete with an oak worktop, this furniture provides ample kitchen storage room while giving the area an open and luxurious feel.

L-Shaped kitchen storage in the Hippollene tiny house
The Hippollene tiny house by Tiny House Baluchon has an L-shaped kitchen cabinet with extra storage space

U-Shaped cabinets

U-shaped cabinets can create your own enclosed kitchen space, with maximum storage and work surface area. While many open-plan homes use U-shaped kitchens, they are equally great designs for a tiny house to create a streamlined and efficient cooking area.

One of the reasons U-shaped kitchens are considered among the most practical is that they allow you to create the golden triangle. This consists of your cooker, sink, and fridge – placing them all in a reachable distance but allowing them to maintain their own space.

In Tiny One, you can see how U-shaped cabinetry provides an optimized layout and makes the most effective use of the available space. You can even double up your tiny house kitchen counter as a breakfast bar.

The Tiny One house has a U-shaped kitchen with additional storage.
The U-shaped kitchen in the Tiny One by Absolute Tiny Houses

Tiny house kitchen cupboards

starling – rewild homes

Under-floor cupboards

One way to create additional tiny house kitchen storage space while keeping your area neat and tidy is to utilize the area underneath the floor.

You can use this otherwise dead space to accommodate several things in a cool, dry area that’s out of the way. While some under-the-floor areas can be challenging to access, smart designs allow you to make optimal and functional use of your space.

The Escher house by New Frontier design places the kitchen next to a raised bedroom. This allows the area underneath the bedroom to be used as an easy-access storage area so that you don’t have to pull up parts of your floor to access your food or utensils.

The storage in the Escher tiny house by New Frontier Design
The storage cupboard space is available in the bedroom, next to the kitchen in the Escher tiny house by New Frontier Design

Under-stair cupboards

If your tiny home is two-story, there are numerous ways you can use this as a kitchen storage advantage. One way to do this is by crafting hollow stairs as drawers or cabinets, which is a popular feature of many tiny homes.

Your tallest stairs will provide you with all the space you need to create a full-length pantry, like this tiny home.

The Rivendell tiny house kitchen cupboard storage.
The cupboards in the Rivendell tiny house by Modern Tiny Living. These are under the staircase, which is next to the kitchen area.

Tiny house kitchen shelves

Hangers and hooks

One of the simplest ways to create storage space in your tiny kitchen is to use hangers and hooks on your wall space. There an innumerable options for hanging accessories for your kitchen, with companies producing specialty products for this very purpose.

A pegboard allows you to hang dishcloths or paper towels, while wire baskets will enable you to store fresh fruit and vegetables. A pot rack can accommodate your saucepans, and a magnetic strip will house knives and scissors. You can get stemware hangers for glassware and door hangers for jars of food.

The possibilities really are endless and allow you to keep essential items to hand in a way that looks good and doesn’t clutter your small space. This tiny East Austin property uses hooks and rails to make the most of every piece of wall space.

The kitchen in the East Austin tiny house by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes
The kitchen in the East Austin tiny house by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Open shelving

Open shelving doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes, but you can use this style to inject a modern vibe into your tiny home. Open shelving can consist of a couple of large shelves above your workbenches to house food or utensils. Or it can utilize an entire wall to store tins, bottles, and other ambient goods.

The benefit of this type of tiny house kitchen storage is that it makes everything particularly accessible, but the drawback is that it can look messy if it’s not styled and maintained correctly. The Mac Shack uses open shelves for an aesthetically pleasing rustic storage solution.

Shelf baskets

If open shelving doesn’t suit your home style, there are simple products you can purchase to change the look and feel of your space.

Baskets or boxes can slide into custom-built shelving for a simple kitchen storage solution that keeps your space looking organized and fresh, just like this design by Summit Tiny homes that uses wicker baskets for a clean, contemporary storage system.

The Cabana Tiny House by Summit Tiny Homes
Shelf baskets in the Cabana tiny house by Summit Tiny Homes

Open shelves with curtains

Try a pull across curtain over open shelving for a versatile storage option. This design lets you enclose your tiny house kitchen storage space to avoid having all of your food and utensils on show when guests are over. But you can open the area out when you’re cooking to allow easy access to open storage.

In addition, shelving helps you to maximize the use of your space without losing inches to cupboard or drawer fittings. Look at the boulder home for inspiration.

The Boulder tiny house has curtains to hide storage under the counter.
The Boulder tiny house by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses has open shelves with curtains for kitchen storage

Other tiny house kitchen storage ideas

Vertical drawers

When space is limited, vertical stacking is a great way to maximize tiny house kitchen storage. The main challenge with vertical stacking lies in making the area look attractive while maintaining its ease of use. (You’ll still want to reach those appliances that you have tucked away at the bottom).

One way to do this is to install a vertical drawer. This custom-built product allows you to utilize vertical stacking presentably and practically. This tiny home has sleek and elegant vertical drawers, perfect for condiments and spices.

The Perseverance tiny house has vertical drawers as a tiny house kitchen storage idea.
The Perseverance tiny house has vertical drawers for storage

High furniture

In addition to purpose-built vertical furniture, consider the vertical space on your wall. Many kitchen fitters don’t install cabinetry beyond two meters high as it becomes unreachable to its owners. However, a single-story tiny home could have at least three meters of height, and the top meter could go unused.

You can use this dead space by installing kitchen storage units; you just need to have an access point. The Orana tiny home is an excellent example with a fold-out step that allows you to access cupboards up to a meter higher than you could usually reach. And with a step design that folds out either way, you can cover a greater area of wall space.

The fold out steps in the Orana tiny house kitchen by Tiny House Baluchon
The pull out and folding steps in the Orana tiny house kitchen

Lifting and collapsing worktops

Versatile furniture options can allow you to use the same space twice for different purposes. For example, a tiny house kitchen storage unit could have a fold-out panel that converts into a dining table at mealtimes. Or retractable furniture could slide in and out of your storage units when needed.

This type of furniture is advantageous in a tiny home where every inch of space counts. This tiny home uses versatile furniture with a cabinet that pulls out to reveal a washing machine behind.

The Larissa and tyler storage cabinets pull out to reveal space for a washer dryer
The Larissa and Tyler tiny house concealed washing machine