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Amazing Tiny House Kitchen Island Ideas (3 Must-see Examples)

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tiny house kitchen island by build tiny

A kitchen island is a great addition to any tiny house and it can be easily added as an afterthought or built into the design from the very beginning. 

You can use tiny house kitchen islands for additional storage or as a breakfast bar or dining table. It can also provide more counter space for cooking and food prep, which means that there will always be room in your tiny kitchen without having to clean up first.

In this article, we cover the pros and cons of incorporating a kitchen island into your tiny house, examples of what you can do with them and what to consider before buying one!

We will also provide some ideas on how to save space when designing your own kitchen island in a small space. Whether you are planning for a new tiny house build or simply a small renovation, read on and find out which tiny house kitchen islands are right for you! 

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Tiny house kitchen island ideas

Kitchen islands in tiny homes come in many different shapes and sizes. 

There are many private companies all over the world that specialise in building tiny houses, such as Build Tiny in New Zealand or Timbercraft Tiny Homes in the USA. 

Many of these tiny house building companies have their own designs and models, however you can also request custom builds and features if you purchase one.

This means you can order a custom-built tiny house kitchen island too.

The Larissa and Tyler by Build Tiny features a practical and stylish hybrid kitchen island. 

The kitchen area in the Larissa and Tyler tiny house before the tiny house kitchen island is taken out.
The kitchen area in the Larissa and Tyler tiny house by Build Tiny

As you will see from the above picture, the L-shaped tiny house kitchen contains a large amount of drawer space in the center. 

This can then wheel out from under the countertop and provide additional work space for food preparation or dining. You could even use the new space underneath the counter as seating.

Being able to have dynamic elements in your tiny house kitchen can be very useful, rather than fixtures that are stuck in place.

The kitchen in the Larissa and Tyler tiny house when the kitchen island is taken out and used.
The tiny house kitchen island in the Larissa and Tyler house by Build Tiny

The next kitchen island example we have comes from the Living Vehicle

We absolutely love the design of this portable island. Its lip means you can take a seat under it and and enjoy your meal. It also contains a neat storage compartment inside.

Living Vehicle informed us that the removable island can be brought out onto the patio for outdoor prep or barbeques and that the unit comes with an aluminum bbq as part of the chefs kitchen option package.

The removable kitchen island in the Living Vehicle

The last tiny house kitchen example we have is featured in the corner of the Rumspringa tiny house by Liberation Tiny Homes.

There’s a small amount of storage space and a fridge underneath. It’s a neat little work space that is separate from the main countertop in the kitchen.

The left side of the kitchen in the Rumspringa tiny house by Liberation Tiny Homes.
The small kitchen island in the Rumspringa tiny house by Liberation Tiny Homes

The best tiny house kitchen islands

What are the best tiny house kitchen islands you can purchase online today? Well we have the answer!

Here are the 5 best kitchen islands for tiny houses you can buy today:

  1. Soges Three-Tier Kitchen Island
  2. Casual Home Kitchen Island with Solid American Hardwood Top
  3. Home Styles Wooden Kitchen Island
  4. Yaheetech Kitchen Island with Bamboo Top
  5. Home Styles Mobile Kitchen Cart

What to consider for your tiny house kitchen island


Storage space comes at a premium in tiny house kitchens and to be able to create additional space for storage is a superpower for tiny home owners. 

Tiny house kitchen islands can help with that.

Most of the kitchen islands mentioned above can offer more than 10,000 cubic inches of additional storage space for your tiny kitchen. 

Many of the kitchen islands mentioned above contain nifty separate storage compartments for plates, cutlery and food.

Countertop area

Not only do kitchen islands in tiny homes only offer storage inside or outside the unit (via the cabinet, hangers or shelves), but also additional countertop space. 

This can be especially useful when you need more surface area to prepare larger meals. 

Don’t forget the Larissa and Tyler tiny house – their kitchen island solution means you can turn your kitchen counter into a dining space, as when you remove the island from under the counter, you can then use stools underneath.

Size and dimensions

Make sure to take note of kitchen island dimensions, before you order a custom-built one or purchase one online.

Some tiny house kitchens may not be able to support one and it may not be a safe place to use one.

The smallest kitchen island mentioned above was the Soges Three-Tier Kitchen Island which gives you around 555 square inches of counter space (35″ x 15″).

However, the largest kitchen island was the Home Styles Wooden Kitchen Island which provides around 960 sqaure inches of additional counter space (53.5″ x 18″) thanks to it’s long and thin design.

Always choose the best fit for your tiny house kitchen.

Color and design

The last important consideration to make before deciding on a tiny house kitchen island is it’s color and design. 

Many people choose a kitchen island where the countertop material design and color are the same as the rest of the kitchen.

Sometimes this may not be possible, so one idea may be to choose a monochrome color (black, grey or white) as these can nicely compliment other colors you have in your kitchen.