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Creative Tiny House Dining Table Ideas (8 Awesome Options)

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Here's an example of a creative tiny house kitchen and dining table

Many people love to cook amazing food in their tiny homes. 

But what’s the point of cooking a great meal if there’s nowhere to sit and enjoy it?

Being able to sit down at a proper kitchen or dining table in your tiny house is a luxury. 

That’s why we’re here to show you some amazing tiny house dining table ideas, with ready-to-go examples in each category.

Our dining table designs to help you maximize space, provide kitchen storage capacity and add a touch of style to your kitchen or dining area.

So… let’s go!

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Table of Contents:

Tiny House Kitchen Table Ideas

Small Countertop Kitchen Table

Kitchen tables are luxury features in tiny houses.

Some have countertop space that also doubles as a kitchen table. Chairs are kept underneath but can be exchanged for appliances, such as tiny house ovens or dishwashers.

You may be losing some storage space in favor of legroom, but if you really enjoy sitting up at a kitchen table to eat or work, then it can be worth the sacrifice. 

The Tinyville by Build Tiny (whose designs feature a lot in this article) has a wide kitchen table right beside a large folding window. 

It’s perfect for sitting at and enjoying the view.

The kitchen table in the Tinyville house by Build Tiny.
The Tinyville Kitchen Table by Build Tiny
The folding window in the Tinyville house that lets you enjoy fantastic views from the tiny house kitchen table.
The folding window parallel to the kitchen table in the Tinyville house.

The large window opens out fully to provide a great connection to the outside of the property.

It’s a great example of how extra countertop space can be used as a tiny house kitchen table. 

Under-stair Kitchen Table

Another example of a tiny house kitchen table comes from The Hilltop, which uses under-stair storage to provide the space for it.

The under-stairs tiny house kitchen table for storage in the Hilltop by Build Tiny.
The Hilltop Tiny House by Build Tiny

Stairs are common next to tiny house kitchens and with all countertop space on the right-hand side, there isn’t much room left for other features. 

Luckily, rather than adding extra storage or appliances, the Hilltop adds a small area for a table surface to be used.  

Tiny House Dining Table Ideas

Rather than having tables as part of your kitchen, tiny houses can benefit from creative dining table designs. 

Sometimes it’s not ideal to be using countertop space as a table.

What if you need to prepare food when someone else is using it?

Having a table away in your dining or living area is a great way to create space for cooking and also have a place to sit down and enjoy your food.

This example shows how two desks can convert to a tiny house dining table.

Two thin desks positioned under the window with space beneath for seating can be easily pulled out and pushed together to create a large dining table. 


Folding Tables

Folding dining tables in tiny houses are a great way to maximize living space when not in use. 

Although you’ve probably seen some terrible folding tables (that also take ages to build), they don’t all have to be this way. 

Folding tiny house dining tables can actually be very stylish, easy-to-use and space-saving. 

Take the dining table in the Bitser tiny house for example.

The couch in the living and dining area of the Bister tiny house, when the dining table is not erect.
The Bitser Tiny House Living Room by Build Tiny

You may be thinking from the picture above, “where would the table fit?”.

Well, let’s take a look…

The Bister Tiny House dining table that can be attached and detatched any time.
The folding table attached to the couch in the Bitser tiny house.

The table can be attached to the leg of the couch, of course. 

When not in use, it’s stored in a little compartment under the staircase.

Pretty neat.

It folds up and down, attaches and detaches to turn a living and seating area into a dining table for food and drink.

However, it may not be very practical to recreate this design in your own tiny home.

If you’re looking for a folding dining table for your small space and want a simpler option, we’ve got two great ready-to-go tables to show you.

Tiptiper Folding Table With Storage

This multipurpose folding dinner table from Tiptiper features some amazing space-saving designs:

  • Converts to a full dining table for four people, a side table for two to three or a small stand
  • Portable around your tiny home (six flexible casters on the bottom, four are lockable)
  • Two layer storage cabinet underneath the table top – perfect for cutlery and crockery

Click to view more images of how the dining table folds and the storage space it offers.

MECO Wooden Folding Table

This straight edge folding table from MECO features a premium oak finish.

It’s a simple table, great for your tiny house kitchen-diner. 

The folding aspect comes from the table legs. You’re able to fold them up so only the tabletop remains. 

Perfect places to store this table when not in use could be your staircase, under-floor storage, couch storage or in a loft area. 

Click to view more images of how the table folds up at home.

Dining Tables With Chairs

Some people prefer more traditional dining table options in their tiny homes. Not everything needs to be ultra space-saving!

Why not consider a small dining table with accompanying chairs to match?

The Total Grace tiny home pulls this off very well.

The tiny house kitchen dining table in the Total Grace tiny house by Build Tiny.
The kitchen-diner area of the Total Grace tiny house by Build Tiny

These stationary dining tables do have one big advantage.

Although they take up floor space, you never need to dismantle, lower or remove them from the dining area completely. There’s no hassle.

If you’re looking for a permanent tiny house dining table with chairs, we found two great examples for you to check out.

Winsome Space Saving Table With Chairs

This kitchen and dining table from Winsome is one of our favorite tables for maximizing storage in your tiny home. 

It rolls easily on casters, has a solid wood finish and features two drawers with cut-out handles (perfect for storing cutlery).

However, the best thing about it is its folding and storage capabilities. 

Two chairs are stored underneath the drawers and tabletop, which can be folded up or down to provide extra space. 

When the tabletop is folded down fully, it can easily seat two people. 

Check out all the images of the Winsome table and chairs set to really see how it can save you tons of space in your small kitchen-diner.

Click below to see more.

HOMCOM Space Saving Table With Chairs

This dining table and chairs set by HOMCOM is more of a stationary option for your tiny house dining room, however, it still provides some fantastic storage features.

All four chairs fit perfectly underneath the tabletop when not in use. This helps free up valuable floor space in your kitchen-dining area.

If you’re looking for a well-built, high-quality and stylish table for your small space, consider this for your home. 

Click below to view how the table design saves space.  

Wall Mounted Tables

Another great idea to save space in your tiny house dining room is to use a wall-mounted table

These can work in a similar way to folding tables, except where one side is fixed to the wall. 

To help conserve space, these wall-mounted tables can be folded down when not in use, to free up valuable floor space. 

When you come to sit down and eat, simply fold them up and use a latch or pillar to hold them in place. 

Although it may not be folding, check out this wall mounted dining table in the Ridgewood tiny house by Timbercraft Tiny Homes. 

The seating area in the dining/living room in the Ridgewood Tiny House by Timbercraft Tiny Homes.
The Ridgewood tiny house dining area by Timbercraft Tiny Homes
Another angle of the tiny house dining table available in the Ridgewood house.
The tiny house dining table in the Ridgewood.

It also features built in benches and a porthole window. 

We’re a really massive fan of well designed wall-mounted dining tables.

Here are two great examples for you to discover.

Tianman Rustic Wall Mounted Table

The rustic, 100% wood table is a perfect option for a tiny house wall-mounted dining table.

It uses a steel grip underneath the tabletop which provides strong support. To fold the table up and down, simply use a latch located on the side of the grip. 

If you’re not a fan of seeing the furniture hardware in your tiny house, this may be the table for you. The latch is completely hidden by the tabletop.

We love the fact it pairs so well with homes that also feature a lot of wooden fixtures and finishing, and most of all the extra floor space it frees up when not in use!

Click below to view the Tianman wall-mounted table from all angles. 

Edencomer Compact Wall Mounted Table

This wall-mounted table from Edencomer is slightly wider and shorter than the Tianman table.

It measures 23.6″ long, whereas the Tianman is 47″. However, it also measures 15.6″ wide to the Tianman’s 14″. 

The most important thing is that you choose a wall-mounted table based on the space you have available. 

This table provides the same benefits as the one above. It’s folding design allows you to free up valuable floor space when not in use. 

Click below to view pictures of the Edencomer table in action.

Small Dining Table

The last idea on our list of tiny house dining tables is, simply, small tables. 

These can serve multiple purposes and are great for easy access storage. They can be placed in any area of a tiny house, not just the kitchen-dining area. 

One thing essential criteria is they must be small and compact. Space comes at a premium in tiny houses, so dining tables should not be any larger than they need to be. 

Here are two great examples of stylish, small dining tables perfect for tiny homes and small spaces. 

Greenforest Round Dining Table

The round dining table by GreenForest is a wonderful addition to any small space.

It’s minimalist design pairs beautifully with white or wooden decor. 

The table itself is easy to assemble – simply screw on the legs. The dimensions of the tabletop are 32″ in diameter, great for a small dining room and enough to seat two comfortably. 

Click to view more images of the aesthetic small dining table below. 

Greenforest Square Dining Table

The second small tiny house dining table and the last one of the article is the square table from GreenForest. 

Similar to their round table above, the diameter of the tabletop is only half an inch less. It’s essentially the same size, except with the corners filled in.

It’s a great choice for people looking for a different aesthetic in their tiny house dining area, but still want a cheque, space-saving table.

Click below to view more images of the small, square dining table.