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6 Must-see Tiny House Breakfast Bars

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Mint tiny house breakfast bar

One way to instantly bring a breath of fresh air to your tiny house kitchen-diner is to install a breakfast bar.

They make great places to enjoy all the meals you prepare and can be a worthy substitute for a tiny house dining table.

There’s no need to clear any extra space, some are built right into the fixtures and appliances already in your home.

In this article, we present six amazing tiny house breakfast bar ideas we found that you can use for inspiration.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each design and show you how they look in the tiny homes themselves. Let’s go.

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The Perfect Tiny House Breakfast Bar

Breakfast bars can provide great pleasure for the amount of space they require in tiny houses. 

You really just need to be able to fit an extra tabletop in your tiny house kitchen or dining area, and you’re good to go.

If you already have space in your tiny home such as with an L-shaped kitchen or countertop space that isn’t used very often, this could also be a great place for a breakfast bar. 

Many great breakfast areas are formed from part of a wall or other fixture that has space on top for you to use as a table or bar. 

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Another thing to really consider when choosing a breakfast bar design is whether you even need it to be in the kitchen itself. 

Some tiny houses benefit from breakfast bars in the living area or even outside of the house itself. 

We’ll come on to some examples of these later on. 

But now, let’s start at the top. Here are six amazing tiny house breakfast bar ideas you can use for your small space. 

6 Tiny House Breakfast Bar Ideas

Kitchen-diner Breakfast Bar

The first breakfast bar we found is featured in the Boomer tiny house by Build Tiny.

The kitchen countertop is neatly extended to provide extra room to sit two.

The Boomer tiny house kitchen-diner by Build Tiny

Downstairs by the kitchen is also the living area. If there isn’t a folding table here, the breakfast bar can be used for any in-house dining.

The kitchen itself features a lot of useful storage space in cabinets, drawers and cupboards. There’s plenty of room for food and appliances.

This is why a breakfast bar at the end of the kitchen is a great idea.

It’s simply an area with no cabinets or drawers underneath the countertop. Since the kitchen already has enough of these already, it means space can be made for leg-room so the breakfast bar can be created.

Photo credit: Build Tiny

Unlike other tiny houses by Build Tiny, the breakfast bar in The Boomer isn’t directly in front of the kitchen window. 

Also, the surface area of the breakfast bar countertop isn’t as large as some other models.

However, it is a great use of the extra space in the kitchen.

Wall-mounted Breakfast Bar

The next tiny house breakfast bar idea we found was from one of The Gooseneck models by Liberation Tiny Homes.

It provides more than enough space to seat two people. 

Breakfast bar stools sit neatly below the fold-out tabletop that is situated right below a large window.

The floating breakfast bar in the Gooseneck tiny house by Liberation Tiny Homes

We love folding table designs (as featured before on Cozy Architect). 

They’re perfect for tiny houses. 

As soon as you’re done with the table, it’s so easy to fold down and enjoy the free space.

The tabletop and stools pair so well with the gorgeous wooden aesthetic running through the whole house. 

The breakfast bar folded down. Photo credit: Liberation Tiny Homes

As you can see, the breakfast bar tabletop folds neatly down so all of the floor space can be accessed in the kitchen-diner. 

Folding Breakfast Bar

This next tiny house breakfast bar is from the First Light tiny house by Build Tiny.

It’s in a similar position to the breakfast bar from the Boomer tiny house that we featured earlier. The kitchen is extended and rather than having cabinets and drawers beneath the countertop, it is kept clear for leg room.

However, there’s one key difference between this and the Boomer tiny house. 

It’s a folding breakfast bar.

The breakfast bar in the First Light tiny house by Build Tiny

The breakfast bar tabletop is attached to the kitchen countertop so it can be folded up and down easily. 

A pillar is placed underneath the right side of the table to keep it standing – that’s all you need!

We love this tiny house breakfast bar design because it allows you to have such an amazing breakfast experience without compromising anything when it’s not in use.

When it’s folded down, it takes up no space. You can access the double doors as you would normally and the kitchen is not shortened in any way to accommodate it. 

Having a breakfast bar design like this in your tiny house is a win-win.

L-shaped Breakfast Bar

Another great breakfast bar idea for your tiny house is to use an L-shaped kitchen. 

In this example from the Loft tiny house by Mint Tiny House Company, you can see the large countertop at the bottom of the L shape is used to host the breakfast bar.

The L-shaped kitchen and breakfast bar in the Loft tiny house by Mint Tiny House Company

This is quite a common feature in tiny homes with large kitchens. 

An L-shape gives you extra storage underneath, as well as an opportunity to hang the countertop over the edge of the cabinet and provide legroom for the breakfast bar.

Photo credit: Mint Tiny House Company

In the Loft tiny house, there’s enough room to sit two. The stools underneath the bar match the smooth, white aesthetic that’s consistent throughout the kitchen and house. 

It’s a great idea to consider if you have the available room in your tiny home.

Outside Breakfast Bar

The penultimate entry on our list is from the Hilltop tiny house, again by Build Tiny.

As seen in the two examples in their other models, a great way to include a breakfast bar in your tiny home is by extending the kitchen countertop.

The kitchen in the Hilltop has a very long countertop with foot room underneath. It also features three large windows that allow you to connect with your surroundings as you sit and enjoy your meals.

The breakfast bar in the Hilltop tiny house by Build Tiny

The windows don’t just help you on the inside.

They open out and reveal an outside breakfast bar too!

The large window by the breakfast bar. Photo credit: Build Tiny
The outside breakfast bar in the Hilltop tiny house. Photo credit: Build Tiny

The outside breakfast bar is perfect for nature-lovers who want to enjoy meals outside in the sunshine.

Perfect Breakfast Bar for Your Small Space

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add a breakfast bar to your small space, consider this bistro-style set above. 

It comes with everything you need to start enjoying breakfast (or any meal for that matter) anywhere in your home. 

The rectangular table comes with two stools that tuck underneath the table, saving you more space. 

Place the set under a window to make the most out of your DIY breakfast bar.