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10 Best Tiny House Bathroom Storage Ideas

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tiny house bathroom

When it comes to setting up the tiny home in your bathroom, finding ample storage space can be one of the most challenging elements.

The bathroom may only encompass a small portion of your home, but it’s an essential space you’ll use daily.

That’s why you’ll need to incorporate some of these innovative tiny house bathroom storage options to make the most of your area, allowing you to freshen up and shower comfortably.

Here are ten ideas you can use to get some inspiration.

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Tiny House Bathroom Storage Options

1. Use dead space

When planning out your tiny home, you’ll want to make the most of every inch of space available. Look at the floor plan for your bathroom and assess any areas of dead space – you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

For example, if you have dead space between the hand basin and the wall, try using the area to store a drying rack.

2. Find the best storage containers

How many of us actually use all of the available space in a cupboard?

Instead of positioning all of your day-to-day items at the front (leaving a ton of dead space at the back), try an efficient storage system such as a rotating turntable organizer or wire basket.

These allow you to use all available cupboard space while keeping your products accessible.

3. Use floating shelves

The biggest thing you want to avoid in your tiny home is dead space.

Installing floating shelves allows you to use the area that would otherwise go unused.

You can use these to hold bathroom products and accessories, giving your home an organized feel and keeping your most popular products to hand.

Leola tiny house bathroom toilet
Bathroom in the Leola tiny house

4. Secure items to your wall

Free-floating shelves are great for foundational homes, but if you intend to travel in your tiny home, you’ll want something a little more secure.

Wire racks allow you to use wall space and organize your belonging. They also keep your possessions secure when you’re driving. Alternatively, wall clamps can be a great way to secure bottles and sprays without taking up cupboard space.

And these tiny house bathroom storage solutions allow you to access essential products quickly.

5. Stay organized

Small spaces can make it more difficult to stay organized.

When you try and cram multiple products into one area, finding what you’re looking for can be challenging.

tiny house bathroom storage cabinet
Tiny house bathroom in the Millennial tiny house

Adding clear containers to your cupboards helps you separate items and makes it easy to find what you want. In addition, stackable designs allow you to pile goods on top of one another while still being able to see the contents of each.

For drawers, tray dividers allow you to categorize different products and keep accessories separate from each other.

6. Door clips for towels

Looking for a place to hang your towels? Door clips are excellent options that are easy to install without requiring drilling or sticking.

You can use these versatile clips for other items, too, such as for clothes storage, robes, or shower loafers, and stainless steel helps prevent rust, even in the moist bathroom environment.

tiny house bathroom with shelves and hanger storage
Bathroom in the Millennial tiny house

7. Use tall cabinets for tight spaces

Tall yet narrow storage units are an excellent option for small spaces, allowing ample tiny house bathroom storage room but sacrificing minimum floor space.

Alternatively, try a storage ladder, which doesn’t take up floor space but allows you to house towels, etc. And some come with added features, such as this one with a built-in and detachable laundry basket.

This type of furniture provides versatile storage solutions which maintain a clean and stylish look in your small space.

8. Trolleys give you versatile storage

The beauty of a storage trolley is that you can wheel it through different spaces as needed. You could use this product to store cleaning products, towels, detergents, etc., efficiently transporting it between the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen to suit your requirements.

This allows you to keep things handy and maximizes floor space in a given area.

9. Mirror units with two-in-one uses

Most of us like having a mirror in the bathroom as we get ready in the morning, but they can take up a lot of wall space. Instead, try a mirror cabinet that allows you to install a sufficiently sized mirror without losing out on any storage space.

10. Utilize shower stall space

Remember that no space is dead space; even within your tiny house shower, you can accommodate smart storage solutions. A shower dispenser unit allows you easy access to soaps, shampoos, and shower gels. Plus, this handy device means you don’t need to clutter valuable cupboard space with bottles of shower products.

Meanwhile, a floating shelf allows you a space to store bars of soap, loofahs, razors, or anything else you might use in the shower.