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The Denali XL Tiny House| Gorgeous Build by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

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Timber Tiny House

The Denali XL tiny house by Timercraft Tiny Homes combines modern furnishing with rustic timber aesthetics to create a simply wonderful small space. 

Natural light is a big theme throughout the house, making the deep brown pine colors stand out against the light furniture. This makes the tiny house seem characterful and bright from start to end. 

Timercraft Tiny Homes offer a range of tiny houses on wheels. The one featured here on Cozy Architect is their Denali XL model, but they also offer different variants too.

Table of Contents:

The Exterior

This tiny house measures 42 feet long. It’s the XL version of the regular Denali versions that are under 40 feet in length.

The Denali XL tiny house from the outside.
See the gorgeous exterior of this tiny house. See credit here.

It boasts many windows all along the side of the house, at the front and on the roof. This is perfect for letting in as much natural light as possible, but also giving you the right amount of privacy when you want it. 

A first look inside the Denali XL tiny house

As you first step into the Denali XL, you’re greeted by a light and warm ambience.

View of kitchen from Denali XL
This is a view from the living room of the bright kitchen and dining area. See credit here.

I love this color scheme. The white walls and fixtures, matte grey undersides and wooden floor and ceiling all compliment each other perfectly in my opinion. 

Is there anything you would change? 

From Timbercraft Tiny Home’s video on the Denali XL Park Model, they mention the house uses gas for heating. It was designed with low energy consumption in mind. 

In terms of the ventilation, it’s important that fresh air can be circulated around every part of this tiny house. That’s why it incorporates a fresh air exchanger in the kitchen or living room and in the bedroom.

Also, every window is operable so you can adjust them to let in as much airflow as needed. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen in this tiny house is a treat for the eyes but also showcases some practical hardware.

To show kitchen of tiny house
Here’s a view of the countertops in the kitchen. The lights under the cupboards add a cozy ambience to the kitchen counters. See credit here.

In the tiny kitchen you’ll find plenty of countertop room to prepare food. It also sports:

  • A gas cooker with four burner stoves
  • 18″ dish washer
  • 27″ fridge

I love the lights underneath the cupboards that light up the kitchen countertops and walls, adding to the cozy atmosphere. 

Another one of my favorite features is the soft-close hardware. Once you’ve lived in a house without soft-close hardware, you begin to appreciate how great it is not to worry about slamming doors and drawers. 

Extra Storage Loft

This extra storage space in this tiny house is located behind the kitchen.

Denali XL storage space above kitchen
It features a generous storage space above the kitchen. It is accessible via a ladder and can be used for storage or sleeping. See credit here.

In other tiny house models, there is storage space similar to this in the bedroom closet and above the living space.

This flat storage space is accessible via a ladder. It can be used simply for storage, but also for accommodation. It’s large enough for someone to sleep up there and there are protective railings to prevent you from falling in the night. 

The Pantry and Hallway

As you go past the kitchen, you’ll be greeted with a set of double doors on your right, a pantry and bathroom on your left, and a set of steps straight ahead. 

Tiny House Stair Storage
With the pantry and bathroom to your left, as you leave the kitchen you’re greeted by natural light and a gorgeous hallway. See credit here.

The white doors you can see on your left is your pantry. It provides more than enough space to store your tins, dried food, sauces and more. Each shelf is adjustable so you can customize the storage space. 

The Denali XL tiny house was built with clever storage in mind, from the space above the kitchen, living room and bathroom, to even the stairs themselves. 

Each one has it’s own drawer that you can use to store clothes, books, DIY tools or anything in between. 

Discover how people are using stairs in their tiny houses in other clever ways in our article here.

As you go onwards, the bedroom fits a double bed comfortably with walk-a-round room either side. There’s also extra closet space there for your personal items.

The Bathroom

This tint house bathroom is spacious but packed with utilities. 

Denali XL bathroom
The bathroom is bright and stylish. See credit here.

As you walk into the bathroom, you’re greeted by timber floors and white surroundings which create a warm and cozy ambience.  

The tiny house bathroom is also very practical, as it incorporates extra storage in the vanity cabinet, extra shelving and my favorite feature of the bathroom…

The washing machine is concealed between two sliding doors which fold for ease of access. It means you can enjoy the lovely white ambience of the bathroom without having the washing machine in your view.

It also features a toilet that you can specify to either be composting or flushing depending on your needs.

This article on Timbercraft Tiny Home’s Denali XL was based on the video tour you can watch below. 

Video Tour

Thank you for reading our article on the Denali XL by Timbercraft Tiny Homes.

We appreciate them for allowing us to showcase their amazing tiny house.