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The Dandelion Tiny House – A Light and Bright Small Space

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The Dandelion Tiny House by Rewild Homes

We’re here to offer you a tour of The Dandelion tiny house by Rewild Homes

It’s a light and bright 28′ tiny house that appears spacious and cozy. It offers a somewhat different tiny house experience than other builds by Rewild Homes, such as the Huckleberry tiny house.

The Dandelion has all the features you need to go off-grid as well, such as an on-board solar energy system and propane water heater.

Let’s take a tour of the tiny house.

The Exterior

The exterior of the tiny house is made from wooden panels, with white building and window and door frames.

There’s a back door that leads into the bathroom, as well as double doors on the front where you can step into the living room.

Most of the windows on the ground floor have transoms. 

There are also window panes near the top of the tiny house to increase brightness and provide light for the loft area.

The white and wooden exterior of the Dandelion tiny house

The Entrance to The Dandelion tiny house

Double doors at the front of the tiny house open up into the living area. 

This is where you would have a couch, television, dining area and storage.

The interior also has white wooden panels along with a dark wooden floor and light wooden ceiling.

The spacious and light kitchen and living area that you walk into.

The Living Space

The living space in the Dandelion lets in plenty of light via two adjascent windows on the ground floor.

This is a great feature since the skylights are blocked by the loft area, as you can see below.

The main living space with a loft area above.

This also means that the ceiling is lower here than in the other parts of the tiny house.

However, the living area is a great space to entertain and relax.

The Kitchen Area

The kitchen area in the Dandelion tiny house features a dark butcherblock countertop that matches the dark hickory floor throughout. 

It has all your necessary appliances with a 24″ refridgerator and three burner propane range.

The tiny house kitchen and living area is heated by a wall-mounted propane heater you can see below.

A view from the L-shaped kitchen, showcasing all of the facilities.

The kitchen holds ample countertop and storage space too.

Behind is a space-saving sliding door that separates the kitchen and bathroom areas.

The back part of the kitchen area, where a sliding door marks the entrance to the bathroom.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the last room in the Dandelion tiny house.

There’s no other downstairs living space, such as a bedroom as you may expect.

This means that ample space was given for the bathroom. It features a large shower stall, toilet, sink and vanity.

The spacious bathroom area in the Dandelion tiny home.

The bathroom is also accessible via a back door to the property, so that you can access it if you’ve been caught in the rain!

A view of the bathroom if you are entering via the back door to the property.

Loft Space

Lastly, the loft space in the Dandelion tiny house is above the main living area as you will have already seen.

It is a very light part of the house, as it benefits from skylights on the roof as well as widows on the same level.

The loft area above the living space.

The only disadvantages here is that a ladder would have to be used for access. A staircase could be built but this would use up some valuable floor space.

Also, there isn’t much headroom here.

But overall it’s an extremely useful space in the Dandelion!

A view from the loft area in the Dandelion by Rewild Homes.