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The Craftsman Tiny House by Liberation Tiny Homes | A Traditional Design

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liberation tiny homes the craftsman

Liberation Tiny Homes’ Craftsman model is similar to their popular Farmhouse tiny home. The craftsman is a traditional and cozy space with great functionality and customization options. 

Liberation Tiny Homes is a tiny house company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  

We’re here to give you a tour of the Craftsman tiny house and its best features, from the exterior, through the entrance and living room, to the kitchen diner, the bathroom and finally the loft space. 

A common theme we’ll be touching on a lot in this article is the ability for clients to customize their house. The interior design, layout,  hardware fixtures and shell of the house can all be modified to deliver your dream tiny home.  

Table of Contents:

First Look at The Craftsman Tiny House

The Craftsman displayed here is 30 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. The dimensions can be changed depending on how large you want your home to be. You’re able to add extra living space or more sleeping accommodation if necessary.

Here's the exterior of the craftsman tiny house.
First look at The Craftsman exterior.
The exterior of the tiny house showing the detailed trim.
Beautiful white trim around the edges of the house

The steel trailer features a unique design and is supplied by a local manufacturer. Around the house, there are eight windows which allow plenty of natural light to enter and customers even have the option to add more windows. As you can see, the gorgeous trim details around the windows add to the high production quality of the Craftsman.

Propane is used to heat water in this house. The Craftsman features insulation from Rockwool, who are an outstanding provider of insulation for home walls, floors, ceilings and roofs.

The Living Space

As soon as you step foot through the front door of the Craftsman tiny house you’re welcomed by traditional features and a warm ambience.

The first part of the house is the living area. It has plenty of space for comfy seating, with enough room for a two-seater sofa across the back wall. This model of the Craftsman also showcases a downstairs bedroom. The bed shown can be exchanged for a murphy bed or removed altogether to almost double the living room space in the house. 

The downstairs living space and potential bedroom.
First look at the living space and downstairs bedroom area

Alternatively, if a downstairs bedroom is preferred, it can be modified to suit your needs. Storage or furniture can be added and the curtains used to section off the bedroom can be turned into a physical wall for extra privacy. 

Looking around the living area, you will notice the amazing trim around the windows, accentuating the contrast between the deep blue and white wall colors. It also features some great subtle touches, such as the handmade lights you can see above the bed. One of our favorite aspects of this space is the amount of natural light that enters through the windows on each side of the house. This adds to the warm ambience of the home and its traditional feel.

The downstairs bedroom with handmade light fixtures

There’s no television screen in the picture below, however, there is space for one to be mounted on the wall next to the entrance, allowing you to easily turn the TV screen and watch it from almost anywhere in the house. 

A view of the living space and the dining area in the craftsman tiny house.
A view of the living area from the kitchen

The Kitchen Diner

The kitchen immediately follows the living space after you enter the home. It’s split by a  countertop with two chairs making up the dining area. The traditional style of the Craftsman tiny house is carried through into the kitchen by the tiles, color scheme, hardware designs and the fixtures. 

The shape of the roof paired with the trim on the walls, the chique white and grey countertops and cupboards, the overhead cabinets, shelves and the farmhouse sink all make the kitchen area feel like a traditional country home.

The entire kitchen in the craftsman.
First look at the kitchen area

The kitchen also offers a lot of functionality. The cooker features a glass cover which is useful for extra countertop space and also flips up to provide a grease guard for the back wall. 

tiny house kitchen in the craftsman from liberation tiny homes.
Stove with folding countertop and grease guard

And of course, the kitchen and dining area have tons of customization ability.  The size of the kitchen can be altered, as well as the hardware, fixtures, cabinets and countertops. 

If you prefer a different aesthetic, the color scheme can be changed and there are even different options for the sink if you’re not a fan of the farmhouse version.

The Traditional Bathroom

At the end of the kitchen, you’re able to access the overhead loft space or walk straight into the bathroom.

As you enter the bathroom, you’ll discover a beautiful walk-in shower, a large vanity, a toilet and utility space. Just like all throughout the Craftsman tiny house, many features are available to customize or remove. 

The vanity is custom built and fits very well with the simple and clean aesthetic of the bathroom. 

Bathroom vanity and sink

The toilet pictured here is a flush toilet, however, this can be updated to a composting or incinerating one to meet any off-grid needs. 

A beautiful walk-in shower is to your left, with a fixed glass panel to prevent water from escaping the shower. This is one of our favorite features in the bathroom, it’s the first thing you notice as you walk in and looks fantastic. 

The walk-in shower present in the bathroom.
Gorgeous walk-in shower with glass panel

The Loft Space

Above the bathroom is the loft space. You may have guessed, to access the loft space in this model you have to use a ladder. It can be connected to the edge of the loft with wheels and stored behind the fridge freezer. Different ways to access the loft can be requested. You can find inspiration on different types of tiny house stairs and the storage benefits they provide in our article here

The loft space available in this example is 7’7″ X 10′, which is plenty of room for sleeping accommodation. To give you an idea of the space available, a queens size mattress measures around 5′ X 6’8″ and a kings size mattress measures around 6’4″ X 6’8″, so either of these would fit perfectly in the loft area.  

craftsman tiny house from liberation tiny homes.
The loft space is visible above the bathroom

How would you organize your sleeping arrangements in the Craftsman tiny house?

Would you keep the loft area for storage and have a regular or murphy bed downstairs?

Or perhaps you’re a fan of an elevated bedroom and would turn the downstairs bedroom into further living space?

Other Tiny House Features

Even after a tour of the house, there are still some amazing features that we haven’t been able to touch on. As we’ve shown, many parts of the house can be modelled to suit your needs, but here are some further additions you can make to turn this into your dream home. 

Some custom additions to the exterior of the Craftsman tiny house include:

  • Skylights
  • Wood shutters
  • Ability to change the size of the windows
  • Decking options: removable decking, folding or slide out

For people looking to be self-sufficient with the Craftsman, there’s a range of additional off-grid features that can be added to help facilitate this. For example, the flush toilet can be exchanged for a composting or incinerating toilet.

Furthermore, solar panels can be added to the roof to provide off-grid electricity and a water tank can be installed. 

You can find a full list of all the features available in the catalog and material list here.

Video Tour

Liberation Tiny Homes films video tours of their tiny house models. You can watch their Craftsman tour right here. 

Thank you for reading. 

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