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South Carolina Tiny Homes | How much does it cost to build a tiny house in SC?

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South Carolina Tiny Homes Cost and Examples

South Carolina is the laid-back state of the South that offers a temperate climate and outdoor lifestyle. Here, tiny house communities continue to grow every day, which gives you the chance to live alongside like-minded individuals.

The cost of tiny houses in South Carolina

In South Carolina, tiny houses generally cost between $30,000 and $95,000.

Tiny house builders such as Stone Canyon Cabins and Tiny Homes of Hilton Head charge upwards of $45,000, whereas building a tiny house yourself in South Carolina will cost between $30,000 and $45,000.

Tiny house builders in the state of South Carolina

Tiny Homes Of Hilton Head

This South Carolina business offers quality designs that they produce with their onsite sawmill. Tiny Homes of Hilton Head allows you to personalize your tiny home to fit your needs with a range of custom furniture and sustainable designs.

The designs range from economy to modern and upscale pieces, while custom-built furniture offers one-of-a-kind pieces for your living space.

Price Range: $45,000 – $95,000

Green River Cabins

Green River Cabins can create and build your dream home in as little as eight weeks. The company prides itself on a unique and versatile product that suits many different lifestyle needs of its clients.

Nine pre-designed plans offer a starting point for your design while you select the finishing details to make the cabin into your home. A “cabin-cam” allows you to watch the entire build as experienced craftsman sculpt your energy-efficient cabin.

Price range: $32,000 – $78,000

Stone Canyon Cabins of Columbia

This company aims to simplify your housing requirements. These cabins are classed as tiny homes thanks to their total footprint registering at less than 400 sq. ft, but they possess much larger dimensions than the average tiny home and will need a professional company to tow them.

They also offer the opportunity to buy a home and live in the West Oaks village when places are available. Plus, with more communities currently being established, this company bridges the gap between you and a like-minded living environment.

Price range: $65,000 – $90,000

Does South Carolina have tiny house communities?

Creek Walk is a tiny house community on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The area is perfect for those wanting to simplify their lives in a maintenance-free environment. Village fees cover property maintenance, sewage, trash, real estate taxes, and WiFi, among other amenities.

Reasons why you’ll love living here include:

  • You can explore the local surroundings, including the Swamp Rabbit Trail, flowing creeks, and several cycle paths.
  • There is a bonfire pit plus an outdoor BBQ and grilling area.
  • It supports a sustainable living environment with edible plants and fishing facilities.

The Cottages of Anderson is a tiny home community with a “big personality” that welcomes families and pets onsite. This village offers premium tiny home accommodation with a community of like-minded individuals.

Reasons why you’ll love living here include:

  • A park-like setting and pet-friendly community
  • The village is located close to school, dining, and shopping facilities
  • Perfect for those looking for private living opportunities in a tiny home community

Which South Carolina cities are the most tiny house friendly?

Travelers Rest, Greenville, and Greer.

What are the best tiny house trailer services in South Carolina?

East Coast Trailers offers a wide range of purpose-built trailers, with a price of $3,400+

Kaufman Trailers offers an affordable range of trailers that can be delivered to any location in the US, with a price of $3,600+

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