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The 8 Best Water Conserving Shower Heads For Tiny Houses in 2021

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Is there anything worse than trying to wash your hair under a weak shower, where the water flow is so weak that you can hardly rinse your shampoo out? 

Not to mention, water is an extremely precious resource for tiny house dwellers, especially when you’re “off-grid” and the water supply is finite.

Having to spend a long time in the shower due to weak water pressure is one of the most frustrating ways of wasting your water. 

Water wastage via showers can be caused by two things: 

  1. Weak water pressure in your plumbing
  2. A build up of minerals clogging up your tiny house shower head 

Tiny houses and converted vans especially suffer from the first problem.

Tiny house shower plumbing usually consists of a tank and pump, but gravity-fed showers are also common.

Both of these can lead to low water pressure and a less than satisfying shower experience, which also causes water to be wasted. 

Using a high-pressure shower head to combat weak water pressure in your tiny house or van is essential for conserving your precious water supply. 

Luckily, we’re here to recommend the best shower heads for tiny houses. 

Disclaimer: We hope you find value in the products we recommend! This article may contain affiliate links where we collect a share of sales or other commissions. We really appreciate it if you use our links, it helps us keep Cozy Architect running. 

Table of Contents:

How shower heads for tiny houses can help stop low water pressure

One way to increase the water pressure for your shower would be via the bathroom plumbing.

Since space comes at a premium in tiny houses, it’s not ideal to use spare room for extra pumps and plumbing appliances when water pressure in your shower can be easily improved with a simple shower head.

Rather than make changes to your plumbing, you can purchase a shower head with flow control and spray settings to increase the water pressure when showering. 

Fixed shower head in the Currituck tiny house. This is an example of one of the shower heads for tiny houses.
Fixed shower head nozzle in the Currituck by Modern Tiny Living.
Fixed shower head in the Braxton tiny house. This is an example of one of the shower heads for tiny houses.
Fixed shower head in the Braxton by Modern Tiny Living.

Here’s how it works:

In some shower heads, carefully designed channels help draw water away from the pipe sources quicker, build pressure and produce a more powerful flow of water.

Some of them also use what’s called an aerated flow.

This means they can suck air in and use it to propel water out faster. They, therefore, produce a more powerful flow of water and reduce your water consumption.

The spray setting on your shower head can be adjusted to be more concentrated too.

When the radius of water flow is made smaller, the same amount of water is pushed through a smaller space, increasing the pressure.

Lastly, the size of the holes in the shower head are reduced to make each one produce a more concentrated stream of water. 

There are, of course, some disadvantages to showering with a smaller spray radius. It means you won’t be covered as much by the water.

However, you can get past this by only changing the spray settings when you’re ready for the high-pressure water, i.e. when you come to wash out shampoo.

The benefits of high pressure shower heads for tiny houses

There are many benefits of using high pressure shower heads for tiny houses, the main one being reduced water consumption. 

Showering under a weak stream of water means you will inevitably take longer to wash.

Studies have shown that the average American could save between $10 to $100 per year in water bills by reducing their daily shower from 12 minutes to 4 minutes. 

The main reason you want to shower quickly and reduce water consumption is that when you’re off-grid in your tiny house, water can be a finite resource. 

By showering in 5 minutes or less, you’ll save your greywater supply for other appliances. 

Having a high-pressure shower head means you’ll be able to wash soap and shampoo from yourself quicker. Have you ever tried to wash under weak flowing water? It takes ages!

Since many tiny houses suffer from low water pressure, especially when using their off-grid plumbing, being able to solve this with a simple shower head is very welcome.

Save water and create a more enjoyable shower experience. 

Our picks for the best high pressure shower heads for tiny homes

Yoo.mee – Top Handheld Shower Pick

This high pressure shower head from yoo.mee is our favorite pick of the handheld showers on this list. It provides a powerful spray instantly from low water pressure, which is perfect for tiny houses and converted vans. 

The shower head also comes with a water flow regulator to help you save water when you need to.

Some more pros are:

  • Easily switch between different spray settings to customize your showering experience. Choose from powerful rain, massage or both!
  • The nozzle is super easy to clean. Some light rubbing with your fingers is simply enough to lift mineral build-up. No cleaning chemicals required.
  • Quick and easy installation. The shower head also comes with a bracket, instruction guide and two hose gaskets (washers).

Lastly, the shower head is made to last. It’s not made from cheap plastic.

The shower bracket and the head itself are made of high-strength ABS engineering-grade plastic.

The shower hose that’s also included is made from stainless-steal with solid brass connection fittings that won’t crack or split. 

Feelso – Top Fixed Shower Pick

This fixed shower head from FEELSO is a unique product on our list as it’s main feature is a 15-stage shower filter that accompanies the head.

Before water reaches the shower head, it passes through the filter which claims to remove chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities. 

If you’re living in a tiny house, converted van or other off-grid dwelling and want to remove potential odors or impurities from your shower water, then this filter could help you.  

Some more pros are:

  • Easy installation, no tools required. Simply use the Teflon tape provided to connect the filter to your in-built water pipe and then screw on the shower head.
  • Although it’s a ‘fixed’ shower head, you are able to move and adjust the angle of the shower head using the ball joint.
  • The shower head and filter are durable and built to last. They’re made from high-quality ABS and plated with chrome.

Of course, the shower head is also built to handle low-pressure water in your tiny house. There are 5 spray options to choose from to help you conserve as much water as you need to. 

Sparkpod – Top Rainfall Shower Pick

Sparkpod’s luxurious rainfall shower head gives you a gloriously satisfying shower every time. 

The 90 individual nozzles, 6-inch wide shower head and pressure increasing design let the water to encompass you and provide a fully immersive experience. 

Some more pros are:

  • Easy installation that’s 100% tool-free. Use the Teflon tape and the additional water filter that’s included in your order to help set up the shower head in under five minutes.
  • It’s low maintenance due to the easy-to-clean nozzles. The high water pressure and rustproof ABS plastic material mean mineral build-up is kept to a minimum.
  • Comes with a water restrictor that can be easily added or removed depending on how much pressure you want.

This shower head is fixed to your bathroom plumbing but can be moved and adjusted using a swivel ball.

Aqua Elegante

Aqua Elegante’s pressure boosting shower head is a simple way to combat low water pressure in your home. 

Install it in under five minutes using the Teflon tape that’s provided in your order. 

Some more pros are:

  • Built with robust ABS plastic and durable brass fitting that won’t crack or leak.
  • The increase in water pressure, combined with the self-cleaning nozzles means the shower head prevents mineral build-up. No cleaning chemicals needed. 
  • 36 nozzles mean you get a high pressure, satisfying shower in your tiny house or van.

If you’re looking to conserve water or reduce the force of the spray, use the flow limiter provided along with the shower head. 

High Sierra

Although High Sierra’s all metal shower head is on the more expensive side of this list, it’s certainly worth the extra few bucks. 

The high quality, patented, metal nozzle is available in four different color finishes and is built to last. 

If you love shower heads that produce a large, powerful stream of water with large droplets, this is for you.

Some more pros are:

  • Extremely durable as the all-metal nozzle is made in the USA. It’s not made from plastic.
  • It has received a WaterSense certification. If you’re conscious of water conservation for your tiny home, this is a big green flag.
  • The nozzle naturally prevents mineral build up, so requires no maintenance.

Reviews of High Sierra’s all metal shower head mention how it’s able to increase pressure to provide a satisfying shower and has also helped people save money.

Fire Hydrant

Although the Fire Hydrant shower head may not look the most aesthetically pleasing on this list, it was designed with one action in mind: help fix low water pressure.

Unlike other shower heads on this list, increasing water pressure is the reason that the Fire Hydrant was designed. Although it measures 3 inches in diameter, it provides a strong flow of water as its name suggests. 

Some more pros are:

  • Quick and easy installation. Teflon tape comes as part of your order.
  • Low maintenance is required since the nozzles are self-cleaning to prevent mineral build-up.
  • Adjustable flow is available by turning the end of the shower head. There are three settings: massage, spray and a mix of both. 

Although the shower head is fixed, it features a solid brass ball joint that allows you to change the angle of its direction.  

Near Moon

The high-pressure 8-inch rain shower head from Near Moon is one of the most luxurious and high-quality items on this list. 

The design is ultra-thin and will make your whole shower look stylish and modern, as well as increasing the water pressure. It features air-in technology to produce a strong flow and a satisfying rainfall effect.

Some more pros are:

  • Although there are no different modes or sprays to choose from, the 8-inch shower head with 90 nozzles provides an immersive showering experience. 
  • Your order also comes with an extra filter gasket and a red flow restrictor.
  • A swivel ball can be connected, allowing you to change the angle of the shower head.

The quality of this shower head is unmatched, as the whole item is made from stainless steel. 

Niagara Conservation

The last item on this list is a handheld shower head from Niagara Conservation.

It’s made from corrosion-resistant, high-impact ABS thermoplastic which protects it from water impurities. It’s built to last. 

Some more pros are:

  • There are three spray settings available and are easily changed by twisting part of the shower head.
  • Watersense certified. This is how you know it’s a high-quality design. It conserves water while still providing a high-pressure flow. 
  • It also comes with a 72-inch stainless steel hose, so you’re able to manoeuvre it around to clean anything you can fit into the shower.

Our favorite design feature of this product is its patented flow compensator. This means you’re able to enjoy a steady flow of water even if your available water pressure is inconsistent. 

Things to consider for your tiny house shower head

Handheld vs Fixed Shower Head

There are two types of shower head you can attach in your bathroom.

  • Handheld shower head
  • Fixed shower head

A handheld shower is attached via a flexible hose and is held in place by a grip on the bathroom wall.

Handheld shower heads often have adjustable spray settings so you can increase shower pressure to suit your needs. 

A fixed shower head is attached directly to the plumbing in your bathroom wall and cannot be moved around as easily as a handheld shower. Usually, fixed shower heads do not have adjustable spray settings.

Therefore, purchasing a fixed shower head with small holes is crucial for high water pressure.

Fixed shower head in the Dark Horse tiny house. This is an example of one of the shower heads for tiny houses.
Handheld shower head in the Dark Horse by Build Tiny.
Fixed shower head in the Kokosing tiny house. This is an example of one of the shower heads for tiny houses.
Fixed shower head in the Kokosing by Modern Tiny Living.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The installation of your shower head is a factor to consider before you purchase. Normally, shower heads are easy to install and simply require you to screw them on to your existing plumbing.

However, make sure you double check if any extra equipment is required.

Furthermore, the maintenance of the shower head is another important factor to look at. 

The entire reason why your current shower head is only producing a low pressure water flow may be because it is clogged by minerals.

Calcium and lime can build up in and around the holes in your shower head and cause these problems.

To take care of maintenance, some shower heads are self-cleaning, which is ideal. Others just require some light cleaning to remove the mineral build-up.

However some may require more thorough cleaning using chemicals and washers, so be aware of this.

Make sure you consider if anything is required for maintaining the high-pressure in your shower head, especially if the water you access is ‘hard’ rather than ‘soft’, or from a well, and contains more minerals. 


Choosing a shower head that looks aesthetically pleasing in your tiny house bathroom is something you may want to consider. 

You may decide that you prefer the look of fixed shower heads over handheld ones, for example. 

Just remember that most fixed shower heads do not have adjustable spray settings, which may be an important decider for you.

Always consider the installation, maintenance, style and durability of your next shower head.


The last characteristic to consider is a shower head’s durability. 

If a product is made from high-quality materials such as stainless metal, instead of low-quality, thin plastic, then it will last you for much longer. 

It may also contain anti-corrosion materials and be self-cleaning, to help stop mineral build-up.

If you’ve decided that a new shower head is needed to easily solve the problems in your tiny house bathroom and bring back pleasure when showering, then look no further than our list.