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Ohio Tiny Homes | How much does it cost to build a tiny house in Ohio?

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Ohio Tiny Home Example

Thanks to stricter building laws, tiny housing is not yet as accessible to Ohio residents as it is to residents in other states of the US. Still, many Ohio tiny home owners have found a way to make the tiny life work for them, and the community continues to grow year on year.

The cost of tiny houses in Ohio

The average cost to build or buy a tiny house in Ohio is between $40,000 and $130,000.

Tiny house builders in the state of Ohio

There are a range of tiny house builders in the state of Ohio that offer prefabricated designs or DIY homes that you can design (and build) yourself.

Modern tiny living

Modern Tiny Living is based in Columbus, Ohio and is an industry-leading custom Tiny House design and construction company. Their team possesses extensive experience in home design, architecture, and interior design to deliver beautiful, livable tiny homes.

The company offer four prefabricated designs or the option to custom-design your own tiny home. These designs include an array of kitchen, closet, and loft features to accentuate the space in your home.

Price range: $55,000 to $99,000

Mohican Original by Modern Tiny Living - Ohio tiny homes
The Mohican tiny house by Modern Tiny Living

Maverick tiny homes

Based in New Paris, Ohio, Maverick tiny homes specialize in contemporary builds for personal and commercial properties. This elite brand works to advocate for the Tiny House Community and offers some of the best tools, resources and education to their clients.

The company offers three prefabricated designs or the option to custom-design your own tiny home alongside their experienced builders. Maverick Tiny Homes offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to design and build your own home, your own way, with the guidance of professionals who can provide expert building and financial advice.

Price range: $45,000 to $110,000

Tiny homes of Ohio

Tiny Homes of Ohio is an Amish operated company that is a subsidiary of Whistling Pine Homes. Several things differentiate this brand, including tankless water heaters, a fuel-efficient inverter generator, a range of different woods and trims, and a VIN number to make financing more manageable.

The company offers several tiny homes in various sizes and styles with a width of 8 ½” and an average height of 12 ½”. Tiny Homes of Ohio also give you the option to “Do-It-Yourself” with a shell unit that you can furnish to your own design.

Price range: $30,000 to $100,000

Does Ohio have tiny house communities?

If you want to meet like-minded people who can offer advice on everything tiny, you can join the exclusive tiny house community of Cedar Springs, the first of its kind in Ohio. The community comprises a mixture of rented and owned tiny homes, and you can add yourself to the waitlist, to book a spot in this beautiful community.

This resort boasts lakefront views, walking tracks, community gardens, water, sewage, power, recycling facilities, and a private park with each lot.

New Paris offers one of the friendliest tiny-home cities in Ohio. And in 2021, the mayor suggested that this city enact a zoning ordinance to define tiny homes and allow them in the town.

Which Ohio cities are the most tiny house friendly?

Dayton, Akron, and New Paris

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