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North Carolina Tiny Homes | How much does it cost to build a tiny house in NC?

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North Carolina Tiny Homes Cost

Living in North Carolina, you can enjoy a great sense of community, a low cost of living, and temperate weather with mild winters.

In addition, outdoor activities are abundant for nature enthusiasts to enjoy.

North Carolina is a great place to start your tiny house dream, and there are many ready-made models to get you started on your journey.

The cost of tiny houses in North Carolina

In North Carolina, tiny houses generally cost between $33,000 and $85,000.

Tiny house builders such as Nanostead and Perch and Nest Tiny House Farms charge $51,750+, whereas building a tiny house yourself in North Carolina will cost between $25,000 and $60,000.

Tiny house builders in the state of North Carolina


Nanostead are leaders in the tiny house industry, providing affordable and sustainable ways for people to live. With a wealth of experience in green building and agriculture, the company specializes in custom-built tiny houses, design services, and small cabins.

Prices vary depending on the build, but the average square foot costs $225-$275 for a fixed foundation home and $230-$300 for a THOWs.

Price Range: $51,750 – $138,000

Perch & Nest Tiny House Farms

Perch & Nest have more than ten years of experience in home restoration and custom carpentry, working with reclaimed materials. Today they specialize in building the tiny house of your dreams inspired by the idea of a more sustainable lifestyle.

The team at Perch & Nest are a collection of licensed tradesmen, RV techs, designers, and carpenters who all share a passion for building. Each tiny house demonstrates their passion for upcycling and using reclaimed materials to create unique homes.

Price Range: $67,000+

Wishbone Tiny Homes

Featured on Houzz, Wishbone Tiny Homes is the perfect company to make your dream of a beautiful and elegant tiny house come true. This family-owned and operated company focuses on meeting the diverse needs of each individual and making the homeownership process inclusive and empowering.

When you build a home with Wishbone, you can focus on a green design with LEED, Solar PV, and Energy Auditing. And this tiny home company can offer you expert assistance at every step of your build.

Price Range: $139,000

Does North Carolina have tiny house communities?

Tiny Homes Village is a demonstration project seeking to develop affordable housing solutions for those with mental illness or other health conditions. Their model proves that permanent housing solutions are available for as little as $50,000 and onsite amenities foster a true sense of community.

Earthhaven Ecovillage is an aspiring ecovillage dedicated to caring for the Earth and its people through a holistic and sustainable culture.

Reasons why you’ll love living here include:

  • The community sits at an elevation of around 2000 feet; the mountainous land offers abundant springs, streams, and floodplains where you can live alongside the Earth in a sustainable and eco-friendly culture.
  • There are campgrounds, ponds, wetlands, farms, and gardens for residents to enjoy as well as orchards and a kitchen-dining room.
  • The community prides itself on diversity, and everyone is welcome to engage in healthy social relations.
  • You can make a living on site, including small eco businesses such as natural building and herbal medicine.

Which North Carolina cities are the most tiny house friendly?

Greensboro, Raleigh, Asheville, and Charlotte.

What are the best tiny house trailer services in North Carolina?

Kaufman Trailers have over 30 years of experience in the industry and offer a range of trailer options, including detachable goosenecks, with a price of $3,350+

Big Tex Trailer World offers a range of trailer options, with ranch and farm trailers specialties. These durable products can handle the weight of any tiny home, with a price of $3,100+

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