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Minnesota Tiny Homes | How much does it cost to build a tiny house in Minnesota?

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Minnesota Tiny House Costs

Living in Minnesota, you can enjoy the outdoors with plenty of opportunities for hiking around the beautiful countryside and lakes.

You can choose from a variety of large and small towns and cities that are tiny house friendly.

Minnesota could be a great place to continue your tiny house journey, with a few quality builders and renovators handy and a variety of outstanding communities to choose from.

The cost of tiny houses in Minnesota

In Minnesota, tiny houses generally cost between $50,000 and $110,000.

Local tiny house builders such as Yard Homes will charge around $85,000 for certain models, whereas building a tiny house yourself in North Carolina will cost between $50,000 and $80,000.

Tiny house builders in the state of Minnesota

Yard Homes

Yard Homes specialise in small, prefab dwellings known as ADU’s, which can be added across some large cities in Minnesota, including the capital St Paul, and others such as Minneapolis and Duluth.

They offer various models of tiny dwellings and have a special program to bring affordable housing to low income renters.

Price Range: $85,000 – $150,000

Dynamic Homes

Dynamic Homes is based in Detroit lakes, a central-west city in Minnesota. They offer a variety of building services, not just tiny homes.

They offer ready-made plans that you can customize, or even start from scratch with your own ideas.

You will need to contact Dynamic Homes for a quote.

JB Home Improvers

On the edge of Minneapolis, JB Home Improvers are based in Monticello Minnesota. As the name suggests, they offer home improvements and can renovate your small space with custom woodworking and more.

They have some a portfolio of tiny house building and renovations you can find here.

You will need to contact JB Home Improvers for a quote.

Does Minnesota have tiny house communities?

Yes, Minnesota does have tiny house communities.

Although the state has tiny house-friendly cities, if you’re looking for quieter communities based in the beautiful nature of Minnesota, then The Sanctuary should be perfect for you.

It’s located in Ogilvie, just south of Mille Lacs Lake.

Residents can rent a space for their tiny house in the community and there are also rentals for hire outside of the area.

Which Minnesota cities are the most tiny house friendly?

Minneapolis and St Paul, Northfield, Rushford and Duluth.

What are the best tiny house trailer services in Minnesota?

Absolute Trailer Sales offer lots of trailer services, such as rentals, parts and services and the ability to design your own trailer. They have Gooseneck trailers for sale too on their website.

North American Trailer is another great tiny house trailer option, with three locations in Minnesota (two near St Paul and one in Cloquet near Duluth). They also offer trailer repairs and sales.