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A Tremendous Tiny House Tour: The Littlejohn

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the exterior of the littlejohn tiny house

The Littlejohn tiny house is a wonderful tiny house and we’re here to give you a guided tour of it.

It’s built on a detachable trailer, so you can enjoy all the comforts of living in your own space while still being able to move around and live in different locations.

There are many different customizable options available with the house, such as custom cladding, flooring, hardware, furniture, appliances and interior colors.

The Littlejohn was designed and built by Build Tiny in New Zealand in June 2018. We want to say a big thank you to them for letting us share their amazing design.

We’ve got a tour lined up from beginning to end. Let’s go!

Table of Contents:

As you enter the Littlejohn

When you step through the two french doors of the Littlejohn tiny home, you arrive in the open-plan living area. The living area is a great place to relax and unwind, with plenty of space on the sofa and chairs.

It has plywood flooring which can be changed if desired – the perfect option in case your tastes change down the road!

There are also louvres on either side that provide airflow when needed during warmer months (though they’re closed up tight at night).

The french doors at the front of The Littlejohn

The space-saving couch is perfect for when you have guests over and want to offer them a place of their own, as it can transform into a bed for two. It also offers some pretty neat storage solutions when not in use!

The Littlejohn tiny house tour has all the amenities that one would need in order to live comfortably, without being too cramped.

The living area with fold-out storage sofa bed

The kitchen

The open plan kitchen includes smart appliances like an in-build dishwasher USB points. This means you can easily charge your devices without having any cords around while you’re cooking.

The cabinets can be moved around to form a kitchen island or table and the self-closing cabinet hinges keep things tidy even after a long day of work prepping and cooking food.

The kitchen countertop space, dishwasher and soft-close hardware
The microwave, stove and oven in the kitchen

The bathroom

The bathroom in the Littlejohn tiny house is as wide as the shower – it’s very compact.

The space-saving cavity slider door provides easy access to a bathroom that has everything you need in one room: a toilet with a composting system made by Bambaloo (which eliminates odor), a shower stall and a sink vanity combo of small size.

The composting toilet in the bathroom

The dome on the ceiling creates an atmosphere where steam from your hot water can be controlled so there’s no risk of damp at all.

The shower stall and vanity in the bathroom

The staircase

The Littlejohn tiny house staircase contains tons of storage opportunities. It has two drawers at the bottom of the staircase that can be used for general items. Also, the tops of each step can be lifted off to reveal more storage space underneath.

The staircase has room for a full-height wardrobe and fridge too, which comes in super handy as it’s next to the kitchen.

A view of the kitchen, bathroom and staircase

The Littlejohn tiny house is designed with many nifty storage solutions while still providing a great amount of space to live.

The stairs have a bannister attached to the wall which is great because it means you don’t have to worry about any accidents either.

The storage staircase and bannister in The Littlejohn

The loft

The loft area in the Littlejohn is breathtaking. Its window views are perfect to lay down and watch sunsets or TV before going off into dreamland!

The loft sleeps two and guests can use the sofa bed that’s downstairs in the living area.

The loft area with an air mattress

On the floor of the loft are bed slats so you can sleep on an air mattress. There is also storage boxes at the end of your bed which are useful for storing clothing, books and other items you want to keep close by and would otherwise be taking up valuable floor space downstairs.

Some benefits of having an air mattress in your tiny home are that it is easy to store, lightweight and can be inflated in a matter of seconds.

The storage solutions at the end of the bed

The exterior

One unique feature of the Littlejohn tiny house is its trailer. The house can be lifted off the trailer and stabilized with jacks so that you are able to remove the trailer and take it elsewhere. The trailer can then be reattached in either direction so that you are able to move the house again.

The tiny house is also equipped with an on-grid amp connection via a plug for your convenience.

In terms of the exterior, the Littlejohn has a variety of custom cladding options for you to choose from.

A full view of the exterior of The Littlejohn tiny house

Thank you for taking a tour of the Littlejohn tiny house with us!

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