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Cute Tiny House Tour | Leola Tiny House

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Leola tiny house living area

The Leola tiny house is a 435 square foot property and is part of Liberation Tiny Homes Signature series, with other models such as the Lancaster and Marietta.

We’ll give you a tour of the original version, but you can also take a look at version two on their website here.

The tiny house is one of their premium designs from the Signature series, although they offer lots of customization options ranging from the type of toilet to insulation and even the size of the skylight.

Living Area

The living area in the Leola tiny house comfortably seats four people on a sofa and two chairs.

There’s a wall-mounted television as well as two windows (out of ten in the whole house). The bay window at the front of the property has a large ledge for a lamp and other items.

Leola tiny house lounge

Above the living area is a storage loft that can also be used as a sleeping area. There are some handy rails along the side of it to ensure a safe sleep.

Access to the loft is via a portable ladder on the edge of the room.

Leola tiny house loft ladder


Right beside the living area is the kitchen and dining room.

Here you have a breakfast bar with stools and storage, as well as shelving, a pendant light and a large folding window.

The kitchen has a wide range of appliances such as an oven, stovetop/rangehood and 24″ fridge-freezer.

A stainless steel drop-in sink is in the middle of the main work surface.

The countertops are oak butcher block too.

Leola tiny house kitchen

To the right is a storage staircase that leads up to the main bedroom loft.

Underneath is a neat little kitchen storage area that could be used as a mini-pantry.

Here, the shelf houses a coffee machine.

Leola tiny house kitchen storage

Bedroom loft

Storage staircases are a must in tiny homes nowadays and the Leola offers a great amount of cabinet space underneath the stairs.

There’s a mounted handrail too on the stairs to the bedroom loft.

Leola tiny house staircase

The loft itself offers a lot of privacy thanks to the partition wall.

It’s also a very bright area because the windows on the right-hand side and the skylight allow lots of natural light to enter from both angles.

A raised platform is used for the mattress and there’s lots of space here to use what you want.

Leola tiny house bed


Lastly, the bathroom in the Leola is underneath the bedroom loft, at the end of the kitchen.

It’s a compact area but fits in all of the necessities perfectly.

There’s a vessel sink and oak butcher block vanity.

Leola tiny house bathroom vanity

In this model there’s a flush toilet, however this can be customized and changed to what you prefer.

Leola tiny house bathroom toilet

There are also built-in storage cabinets with room for a washer dryer and shelving.

Also in the bathroom is a 36″ acrylic shower and a full length mirror on the door.

Leola tiny house washing machine