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Cozy Tiny House Tour – Larissa and Tyler Tiny House

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The Larissa and Tyler tiny house by Build Tiny

We’re here to give you a guided tour of the Larissa and Tyler tiny house by Build Tiny.

It has some unique design features for additional storage space and also a home office area.

The tiny house is light throughout and has a cozy and warm feel.

It has all the utilities you need and was built to be used when iving on the grid.

Take a tour of the Larissa and Tyler below.

The Exterior of the Larissa and Tyler

The Larissa and Tyler tiny house is cladded in the colors cedar and steel.

It also features double-glazed windows and is insluted throughout, maximising its energy efficiency. 

The exterior of the tiny house.

The Kitchen Area

The L-shaped kitchen in the tiny house has some nifty storage ideas. 

One kitchen cabinet is on wheels and can be used as storage, but also pulls out for extra bench space.

You could even use this as a breakfast bar as it provides leg room once pulled out.

The pull-out kitchen drawer in the tiny house kitchen.

Behind the pull-out cabinet is a concealed washing machine – that’s a super space saving idea.

A concealed washing machine in the tiny house kitchen.

Lastly in the kitchen are the other utilities such as a full gas oven and extractor fan, fridge-freezer and even a full-height pantry.

The Living Space

As you look to the right-hand side of the tiny house, you’ll see the living space and bathroom further down.

It’s a cute space with seating, a DIY table and room for custom furniture.

The table top is stored on the wall when not in use, providing a lot of additional floor space.

There’s also room to add a wardrobe and closet too here.

The table, storage and living area in the tiny home.

The seating area in the living space is used for storage too.

The living space and kitchen in the Larissa and Tyler home.

The Bathroom

After going through the living room, a space-saving cavity sliding door is between you and the bathroom.

It features a composting bambooloo toilet, a compact vanity and shower.

The compact vanity in the Larissa and Tyler tiny house.

The shower has a rollaway door so that there’s room for the vanity next to it.

The Loft Space

The loft area in the Larissa and Tyler is what really makes this tiny house unique.

You access the loft via a vertical ladder between the dining room and the kitchen.

Access to the tiny house loft is via the wall-mounted ladder.

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter the tiny house loft is the safety net used instead of loft barriers. 

This gives helps share light throuhgout the property and has other advantages too.

Similar to the Millennial tiny house (by Build Tiny as well), on the left-hand side of the loft is a home office area.

The special chairs enable you to sit on the floor and leg room is provided by a footwell above the kitchen.

This means you can easily transport food, drink and whatever else you need to the loft area by placing it on the footwell and then retrieving it once you are in the loft.

The netting in the loft and the home office space.

On the other side of the loft is the sleeping area. 

There’s enough space here for a queen or king sized mattress.

A rarity in tiny house loft areas is headroom, but the Larissa and Tyler has it!

You also get a nice view outside from where you sleep.

The loft in the Larissa and Tyler features a full king/queen mattress.