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Best Tiny House Water Pumps (4 Examples)

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Best Tiny House Water Pumps

Water pumps are an essential part of your tiny house plumbing system.

They are used to provide pressure so that water can be moved from your storage tank, to your water filter, to your water heater, and then to your appliances.

It can also move greywater around your house, from your appliances to your grey water tank. These also work with your tiny house rainwater harvesting system.

In this article, we’ll cover how to choose the right tiny house water pump for you, as well as four of our favorite recommendations.

Disclaimer: We hope you find value in the products we recommend! This article may contain affiliate links where we collect a share of sales or other commissions. We really appreciate it if you use our links, it helps us keep Cozy Architect running.

How to choose the right tiny house water pump


Most off-grid tiny houses will need a water pump, unless you are using water straight from the bottle or tank, or you use another property with water facilities.

However, a water pump will be one of the cheaper items in your plumbing system.

Very small tiny house water pumps can come in under $30, however these only provide between 1 and 2 gallons of water per minute, which we’ll get on to next.

The average price of a water pump for your tiny home will be between $50 and $90. If you really want a high pressure system that can handle multiple appliances at once (i.e. shower, taps, etc), then a higher GPM (gallons per minute) pump will cost between $130 and $200.

We have examples of pumps within these two price ranges below.


A tiny house water pump’s main job is to provide a strong (pressurized) flow of water from your storage tank to your kitchen, bathroom and any other water service.

The flow of water is measured in gallons per minute.

RV’s, which are slightly smaller than tiny homes use water pumps that provide 3-4 gallons of water per minute.

Tiny homes, on the other hand, will want the ability to have a slightly higher flow of water, but no more than about 5 gallons per minute.

A good tiny house water pump will have a consistent pressure and therefore provide a constant flow of water around your tiny house.


The other factor you want to consider for your tiny house water pump is how much power (energy) it will require.

Avoid pumps that have use a lot of power, simply because it’s not needed for a tiny house. The maximum voltage you will need is 14, and all of the water pumps we recommend are 12V.

Best tiny house water pumps

Seaflo 42-Series is a great, low cost option recommended for RVs and small dwellings because it pumps 3 gallons per minute.

It provides 55 psi (pressure pre square inch), which will be enough to run all the appliances in your tiny house separately, but not all at once.

One difference here compared to other tiny house water pumps is that it is battery powered. This can be an advantage if you want to conserve solar energy for other appliances, for example.

Next, the Flow-Max pump is recommended for tiny homes and larger RVs.

It pumps slightly more gallons per minute compared to the Seaflo, 3.3 compared to 3.

A strainer is also included, which keeps any debris out of the pump, increasing it’s lifespan.

To go with this, a water pressure regulator can help you ensure that the water pressure in your tiny house is right for you. It allows you to change the pressure with the cap.

If your water pressure is too high, this can cause damage to your tiny house plumbing system and appliances.

We think that the best value tiny house water pump is the Youngtree Diaphragm pump.

It’s the most affordable pump on our list and provides the highest number of gallons per minute compared to the previous two models.

It isn’t battery powered, so if you do want to hook it up to your solar system, you can. It has a 12V DC connection.

There are also some other great features, such as the fact that is can be run dry without taking any damage, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about if you’re low on water.

The last tiny house water pump recommendation on our list is the Seaflo 55-Series, which is a much more powerful water pump.

It provides 5.5 gallons per minute with a 60 PSI. This pump can be used for tiny houses or small grounded homes that require a bit more pressure and flow, so that they can run multiple appliances at once.

It also has a 12V DC power source so can hook up to your solar system.