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What are the Best Tiny House Paint Colors? (Solved!)

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Casita chilome tiny house exterior has red, turquoise, white and purple colors.

Several tiny house paint color combinations can work together to create the home of your dreams; it’s all about picking the right color scheme for your style and environment.

What is the best color for a tiny house?

The best colors for tiny homes tend to be light, neutral colors, particularly for your interior design, where you’ll want to create an airy and spacious feel.

You can opt for bolder shades on the outside, such as blue or green, though the shade you choose provides the character of your home, so you’ll want to choose carefully.

How to choose the best color for your tiny house exterior

The best color for your tiny home’s exterior depends on the look and feel you want to achieve. White offers a reflective surface to give your home light and bright appeal while channeling the vibes of a traditional country house.

While a black exterior provides a sleek and sophisticated design that makes the space inside your home feel brighter when you enter. Sage green fits in well with a woodland landscape, while blue is an excellent choice for coastal homes.

With a house that’s made predominantly of wood, rustic colors tend to work well, but the ultimate decision depends on your style, preference, and the primary location of your home.

How to choose the best color for your tiny house interior

When it comes to interior tiny house paint colors, lighter is definitely better for a small space. White and off white creates the illusion of more space in your tiny home (whereas black or other dark colors give a closed-in feeling)

Bold colors are fine for accents, but if you apply too much bold paint in a small space, it will overwhelm it. Neutral colors are much better, such as off-whites or shades of grey. And remember, this is your haven; you want to select a tone that makes you feel relaxed and cozy as you curl up inside your tiny home for the evening.

6 Creatively colorful tiny house examples

Casita Chilome

This tiny home’s vibrant blue, purple, and red hues will ensure you stand out from the crowd in this unique dwelling bursting with character.

Inside, the neutral tones provide a relaxing space to unwind with a natural and open quality. This proves that you can go against the grain, create a home that’s bursting with color, and still incorporate a classic feel.

Tiny house paint colors on the side of the Casita chilome are turquoise, red and purple.

41′ Denali Clerestory

The Timber Ridgewood demonstrates the vibrance of an all-white home – both exterior and interior – that uses the lightness of color to create an open and spacious feeling within a tiny house.

This design cleverly incorporates natural tan accents and darker framing to break up the starkness of the white and add an element of contrast.


The Lancaster‘s wood interiors combine with deep shades of blue for a grounded and natural feel. A color palette such as this allows you to keep the natural ambiance of your tiny home by adding a splash of color, character, and excitement.

A blue color palette works particularly well for beach dwelling homes, perfectly capturing the spirit of the ocean and allowing you to feel at one with your surroundings.

Deep blue provides the benefits of a black finish (sleek and contemporary) while lightening the tone somewhat for a more inviting feel. The deep blue of the exterior also adds to the spacious feeling when you step inside the lighter walls of the interior.

Lancaster tiny house interior with matte blue and rich wood colors

Beach Bohemian

This design combines a perfect mix of style and function, providing a classic and functional space among the whimsical vibes of a light, bohemian color palette.

Some may consider yellow a bold choice, but even a small dose of its warm and vibrant hues brings a sense of cheeriness into a space. Combing this color with natural wooden tones creates an earthy sense of balance, helping to ground the zest of the yellow.


Check out the ebony tiny house by Minimaliste Houses.

If you like the sleek appeal of a black interior, try to break up this dark hue with a splash of ivory to bring an element of brightness, and the contrast of these paler elements adds character to your home.

A white interior feels spacious compared to the dark shell, while darker accents pull the house’s overall theme together.

Ebene tiny house interior white and light wood colors

Tudor House

Combining fantasy and history, this tiny house design utilizes an exterior Tudor design with granite and copper interiors.

The contrasting colors and materials add to the fantasy element, while the interior elements provide a cozy feeling.