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What is the Best Tiny House Loft Bed? (4 Different Options)

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Image of the tiny house loft bed in the Bay Tree tiny house by Build Tiny

It can be challenging to get used to sleeping in a small space, especially when you’re used to larger bedrooms.

People generally agree that bigger is better where mattresses are concerned to provide you with ample room to spread out.

In a tiny home, it can be challenging to strike the perfect balance of space in an area where that is something minimal.

A loft bedroom adds square feet to your tiny house while offering up an array of sleeping options.

In this article, we discuss the bed options for tiny house loft beds, including the perfect size and access, as well as the best mattresses you can find for them. Let’s go. 

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Tiny House Loft Bed Options

Queen and King size mattresses

Most tiny homes are wide enough to incorporate a staircase to the loft area and a king or queen size mattress. 

However, they are usually not tall enough to enable you to stand up in your loft, because there is not enough room for two full height floors.

But, if you don’t mind crawling into small spaces and want to make the most of your living area, then try building a bedroom that fits a king-size mattress and nothing else.

A design like this allows you to feel safe and enclosed while maintaining plenty of space elsewhere in your home.

Another fixed loft bedroom that uses minimal space but provides a spacious feeling is a floating platform. This design also from Rocky Mountain tiny houses allows you to use the minimum space for sleeping while giving you a sense of openness and space.

While king and queen-sized beds are the best options for couples – single people, individuals with flatmates, or families who have children may be looking for single tiny house loft bed options that make the most of the space available. 

Smaller areas that are usually used for tiny house loft storage can be turned into bedroom lofts because they will be able to fit a single mattress instead.

Image of two tiny house loft beds - single - in the Bay Tree tiny house.
Two single mattresses in the Bay Tree tiny house loft.

Bunk beds

One way to do this is to use bunk beds. This versatile design allows you to sleep two people in the standard floor space of one by literally placing their beds on top of one another. Additionally, tiny house bunk beds will enable you to utilize the entire vertical space for sleeping and, thus, spread out the beds more evenly for a comfortable sleep.

There are numerous ways to incorporate bunk beds into your tiny house design, and you can include as many sets as needed.

Beds with storage

The majority of loft bedrooms offer a few feet of space to crawl into and snuggle up. However, if you’re the claustrophobic type, a design like the Abigail tiny home allows you the comfort of standing up in your bedroom while still maintaining ample space downstairs.

This setup could work for a king or queen mattress fit snugly onto an upper ledge, leaving the outer edge as a stand-up space to give you some much-needed stretching room and privacy.

Since this bedroom loft utilizes a platform for the mattress, it also means that there is storage space underneath the tiny house loft bed.

The abigail tiny house by Indigo River tiny homes has a raised platform to allow for tiny house loft bed storage.
The tiny house loft bed storage in the Abigail tiny house by Indigo River tiny homes

Eleavator and murphy beds

If you’re looking for a loft bed design that is multifunctional, you can opt for an elevator bed or Murphy bed. These allow you to use the space in your tiny home twice.

An elevator bed is a great space-saving solution. Unlike a fixed tiny house loft bed, the elevator bed has a range of movement so that you can maximize your downstairs space during the daytime before converting your loft bed into a spacious paradise in the evening.

Murphy beds are similar in that they allow you to use the same space twice. An elevator bed slides up and down, whereas a Murphy bed folds flat against the wall. This will enable you to make full use of your living space during the day before opening out your bed in the evening.

What size bed can you fit in a tiny house loft?

This is a common question for people adding a loft bed to their tiny house.

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no; it all comes down to the dimensions of your tiny house loft. The average size of a king-size mattress is 76” by 80”, which means you’ll need at least 6’4” by 6’8” of floor space.

If your home meets these requirements, you should fit a queen or king-size mattress in your loft, depending on how much space you want to surround the bed.

An additional factor to consider is the bed frame. Using a mattress alone minimizes the space your bed will take up in your loft, but if you want to add a headboard or frame, you’ll need to factor the additional measurements into your space.

Best tiny house loft mattresses

When selecting a mattress for your tiny house loft, you’ll want to consider numerous factors to make an informed and worthwhile purchase.

The Zinus 12 Inch Cloud Memory Foam Mattress is named for its cloudlike feel. Complete with plush microfiber and memory foam, this mattress quite literally hugs your body for a comfortable sleep.

The mattress comes with two inches of memory foam, three inches of comfort foam, and five inches of durable, high-density support foam at the base. The foam is high quality and US certified by CertiPUR, so you know your purchase is a quality one.

In addition, the bed arrives in a compressed box, meaning it’s easy to transport to your loft space before opening out and allowing 72 hours to expand.

The Live and Sleep Elite – Queen-size Memory Foam Mattress in a Box comes with 2.5 inches of deluxe cushioning composed of Premium Air-Flow memory foam over gel-infused memory foam. Complete with a high-density supporting base, this extra-thick profile provides your mattress with the feeling of luxury.

In addition, this mattress possesses cooling innovation that is breathable and keeps your body cool during hot nights. This product is environmentally friendly and ships in a compressed box for ease of installation.

Accessories for your tiny house loft bed

You can add several accessories to your tiny house loft to add a touch of luxury. Check out some of our suggestions below.

Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow Set – This bedroom addition helps you relax comfortably in your loft while maintaining the natural upright alignment of your spine. The set is composed of 45D memory foam, which conforms to the shape of your body, while velcro prevents slipping.

BedShelfie – If you’re short on space, the BedShelfie is an excellent option for organizing and making the most of your area. The shelf is easy to install, with a scratch and fade-resistant surface.

Beclecor Mattress Protector – A mattress protector helps keep fluids, spilled beverages, or food debris from staining. In addition, air can circulate more readily, keeping your environment less stuffy. And the organic material provides you with high-quality, comfortable sleep.

Eco Life Bedside Shelf Accessories Organizer – This handy gadget provides storage space for a few essential items such as cellphones and glasses without the need for built-in cabinetry. And it is super easy to install with self-adhesive tape.


There are many options for your tiny house loft bedroom that allow you to experience the feeling of a luxury hotel within a small space. And accessories can add a twist of functionality or personality to your bedroom.

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