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3 Best Tiny House Couches (For Storage & More)

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New Beginnings tiny house sofa

Great furniture is an important part of tiny house living.

It provides comfort but also practicality as many tiny home owners have found ways to incorporate storage and other useful features into their furniture. 

In this article we’ll cover an important piece for any tiny house living area – the couch.

You’ll discover three amazing tiny house couch examples, as well as answers to frequently asked questions such as the dimensions of tiny house sofas and how much storage they can provide.

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Do tiny houses have couches?

Yes, most tiny houses do have couches.

The couch is a place where you can put your feet up and relax at the end of the day, so while you don’t have to have a sofa in your tiny house, many people opt to include this comforting piece of furniture.

Alternatively, you can purchase chairs for your tiny home. It all depends on how many people you’re accommodating, plus how you’d like your home to look and feel.

Tiny house couch dimensions

The average length of a tiny house couch is 70″ – 87″; the average depth is 20″ – 25″.

A tiny house has a maximum area of 400 square feet, with a width of around 8ft. Considering the average sofa is 1 ½ – 2 feet deep, you should have ample room to fit a TV, cupboards, or whatever else you require opposite this piece of furniture.

The average length of a tiny home is around 30ft; even if you dedicate one-third of your total downstairs area as a lounge, you’ll only have a length of about 10ft. The average sofa runs anywhere from 5 ½ – 8 feet, so it could span the length of your entire room.

This is why many people opt to fit their couch widthways. The 8ft width of a tiny home allows for a good-sized sofa, which can nestle comfortably at one end of the house and not dominate too much of your space.

Best tiny house couch examples

When it comes to tiny house couches, you want something stylish and comfortable, maybe with additional storage space too. Depending on what works best for your area, you can opt for a built-in sofa or buy a ready-made model to slot into your home.

This design by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes shows how built-in furniture can be made to measure in a space too small for housing store-bought items. This “love seat” slots in with the layout of the tiny home and helps utilize every inch of space effectively. It’s ample size for one person to lounge or cozy and romantic for two people to cuddle up, adding to the overall ambiance of the tiny home.

Meanwhile, the Turkey Flats demonstrates how you can make the couch a centerpiece while providing ample storage space for your belongings. L-shaped sofas can dominate the space in a tiny home, but they also provide a cozy nook to relax and rewind for the evening. When placing furniture in your tiny home, it’s all about balance; you’ll notice that this home keeps the space opposite the sofa clutter-free by using the built-in storage of the furniture.

The advantage of a built-in sofa is that you can make it to measure, which will slot into your space perfectly and not leave any dead room at the sides. But, built-in sofas can be uncomfortable as they’re more like wooden benches, so it’s all about getting the style and furnishings correct. The San Juan model gets it just right by combining comfort with functionality and perfectly matching the sofa to the style of the tiny home.

Here are three more examples of couches in tiny homes:

Convertible day bed

A great way to make the most of your space is to purchase a sofa that converts into a bed; this makes it possible to have guests come and stay for the night.

A convertible daybed, like this design from Indigo River Tiny Homes, is a great way to maintain a stylish look while offering a resting place for any guests. A basic model like this is great for casual stayovers, though you might need to look at a more elaborate design (such as an L-shaped model) if your guests stay over regularly.

Indigo Go tiny house sofa bed

Couch with storage underneath

The Hilltop tiny house by Build Tiny features a large couch that can be folded out into a double bed.

It also has built-in custom storage boxes underneath.

We think this tiny house couch is a great example of achieving maximum functionality.

Hilltop tiny house couch with storage and bed

Floor seating

The Cyril tiny house couch has a unique design as it is split into three parts that can be separated to provide chair seating in the tiny home. 

However when you push them together they form a couch that is close to the floor.

Cyril tiny house couch on floor

Best tiny house couch bed

If you’re looking to accommodate guests, you’ll want a comfortable and reasonably sized couch bed that doesn’t take up too much of your living area when not in use.

This Cozy Sectional Sofa bed offers the best of all worlds, with an L-shaped sofa, full size 7.3 ft x 4.9 ft bed, and storage space. This sofa will take up some floor space in your living room, but the L-shaped design provides ample space for relaxation and a large amount of storage space.

In addition, it offers a full-sized bed so guests can have a comfortable night’s sleep, rather than needing to curl up on something that is only 5 feet long. This bed won’t be for everyone, but it is perfect for the entertainer, and what it takes up in floor space, it makes up for in storage.

Dimensions: 59” D x 87.75” W x 34.75” H

Do tiny house couches have storage?

Many ready-made couches do not come with built-in storage as it’s not often a priority to people, but when it comes to tiny homes, storage is essential, and some smart designs on the market incorporate this.

Still, you can create a much better storage area with built-in furniture. This allows you to create a hollow bench with lift-off furnishings on top.

How to increase tiny house couch storage

If you want to increase the storage in your tiny house, you can utilize the space underneath the seat. There are two ways to do this. The first is to choose or build a sofa with storage built into the base; the second is to use the empty space beneath a freestanding tiny house couch.

The best way to use this space is to purchase storage boxes that you can slide or wheel in and out for easy access.

What to store in your tiny house couch

There is no end to the things you can store in your tiny house sofa. It makes the perfect space for books, magazines, art supplies, games, or anything else you can think of.

Thanks to its easy access while lounging, this is the perfect place to store go-to items like the latest newspaper, TV remotes, notebooks, and magazines. It’s also a great area to utilize as a bookshelf and create your own reading nook. You could store seasonal clothing, spare blankets, or other foldable materials.