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Best Tiny House Chairs (4 Great Examples)

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Total Grace tiny house living area with seating

No home is complete without a comfy chair to relax in, and a tiny house is no different.

Tiny house chairs are used to make a comfortable and functional living space.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best layouts, storage options and types of chair for your tiny home.

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Tiny house chair layouts

There are two main areas of your tiny home where you’ll want to include chairs or seating: the lounge and the dining area.

You don’t have to have chairs in your living room; you may opt for a couch in your tiny house instead, but there is a range of fabulous collapsible pieces that have multiple functionalities and are ideal for people who like to entertain guests.

In addition, you’ll want chairs in your dining room so you can sit down comfortably to eat your meals. These can be stored underneath the table, or a collapsible chair may squeeze into nooks of unused space.

You might want to accommodate additional tiny house chairs, such as outdoor furniture, to make the most of the nice weather when you are traveling.

Many “camping” or outdoor chairs come with collapsible designs, which make for compact storage. And these can be kept in any area of your home.

Best tiny house chairs with storage

When choosing the right chairs for your tiny home, it’s a great idea to look at the ones with storage, as these can maximize your living space.

Picture a storage cube with a soft back, and you’ll be somewhere close to imagining the storage ottoman, which combines comfort with functionality. Possessing a luxurious feeling and sturdy back, this piece of furniture is the ultimate for comfort and style. Not only that, but the seat offers an ample storage space where you can keep books, clothes, toys, or anything else you can think of.

If you like to entertain, the nesting ottoman cube chair is the one for you. This super-smart design stores five chairs in one. When you’re alone, you can use this nifty cube as a footrest; when you have company, it quickly disassembles to become five separate chairs. This is an excellent alternative to stacking stools, with its sleek and stylish appearance.

Practical furniture doesn’t have to be ugly, as this multipurpose vanity chair demonstrates. Moving into a tiny home doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style; it means you have to get clever with style. This chair has a luxe design to compliment your living area and a decent amount of storage space to boot. It also transforms into an ottoman whenever you like with its flip-back design.

Ottomans can double not only as storage spaces but as coffee tables too. Check out this folding ottoman with storage and table, which quickly transforms between different functions. You can use this space to store your books, clothing, kitchen items, or anything else you want in an area that looks contemporary and modern.

Different types of tiny house chair

In a space with low ceilings, lounge floor chairs can be an excellent option to provide you with a comfortable seat while saving space in your home. This gaming chair allows you to turn 360 degrees while the backrest adjusts into five different positions, allowing you to sit up straight or recline. The ergonomic features provide comfort to your body, while the compact design saves space in your home.

If you prefer a more classic look, you can try an adjustable chaise lounge complete with padded pillows and armrests. This model adjusts to 14 different angles for the perfect spine alignment, and the chair can flatten to create a single bed. The other advantage of this chair is that it folds down for compact storage. This type of design allows you to put the chair away when it’s not in use and free up some floor space; it’s perfect for pulling out when you have guests.

The chairs in the Cyril by Build Tiny are another example of a creative tiny house design. 

They’re floor chairs but work excellently because you can use the footwell underneath the desk for leg room.

Tiny house chair seating in the office of the Cyril tiny home

Multifunctional chairs can offer up additional seating for guests and even spare beds for overnight accommodation. This Folding Ottoman is easy to use with no assembly required. Its versatile design allows you to sit, recline or sleep. Plus, it offers foot support and linen fibers for the ultimate comfort. The best thing is that you get all this for only the space of one chair in your tiny home.

When it comes to dining chairs, you want something you can hide away when not in use. Chair sets like this folding teak variety have a smart appearance but are super simple to collapse when not in use. You can store chairs such as these in the space between cabinets; alternatively, use the area underneath your dining table or anywhere there is a nook of dead space.