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Arkansas Tiny Homes | How much does it cost to build a tiny house in Arkansas?

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Arkansas Tiny House Costs

Arkansas offers a low cost of living as well as great weather and a wide variety of ourdoor activities.

For tiny house owners, there are different communities you can join depending on whether you prefer a more rustic lifestyle or to be close to a bigger city.

The cost of tiny houses in Arkansas

In Arkansas, tiny houses generally cost between $10,000 and $95,000.

Tiny houses that are sold in Arkansas are usually cheaper than in most other US states. You can find pre-owned tiny homes to buy for as cheap as $11,000. Building a tiny house yourself in North Carolina will cost between $10,000 and $40,000.

Tiny house builders in the state of Arkansas

Mountain Top Tiny Homes

Mountain Top Tiny Homes are a tiny house building company located in Arkansas. They offer custom builds and can take your tiny house project from start to finish. They are a NOAH certified builder, which means the building process is inspected to help you get insurance and financing.

You will need to contact Mountain Top Tiny Homes for a quote.

Arkansas Remodel

Arkansas Remodel offer a turn key tiny home building service in northwest Arkansas. They carry out on-site work to ensure that your tiny house is set up perfectly and has a connection to any on-grid services.

You will need to contact Arkansas Remodel for a quote.

Ozark Tiny House Outlet

Ozark Tiny House Outlet are a family-run business. They offer a wide range of tiny house options, including 1 to 4 bedroom single and 2 to 5 bed multi section homes, with over 100 different premade floor plans to choose from.

You will need to contact Ozark Tiny House Outlet for a quote.

Does Arkansas have tiny house communities?

Yes, Arkansas has tiny house communities.

Eagle Homes on Monte Ne is one of the biggest communities in Arkansas and is located in Rogers, in the northwest area of the state.

There are 50 lots in the community, which is open to all ages. Units are available to order, with tiny houses starting from $95,000.

The community is close to Bentonville, which is quite a tiny house friendly area.

Which Arkansas cities are the most tiny house friendly?

Rogers, Bentonville and Faulkner County.

What are the best tiny house trailer services in Arkansas?

River Valley Equipment Rentals and Sales have a catalogue of trailers for hire. Although not all will be suitable for tiny homes, ones that are can cost around $70 to $100 to rent.

Central Arkansas Trailer Rentals are another trailer rental option, if you are near the Grapevine area. They offer cheaper rental rates of up to $50 per day depending on the trailer.

Ozark Trailer MFG and Sales offer a wide range of trailers. Their prices range from around $3,000 to upwards of $12,000. If you’re building your own ‘small’ tiny house, you’ll be looking at the lower end of this range, whereas larger projects will probably require a trailer for at least $8,000+.

Arkansas Trailer has is available in four locations around the state, including Little Rock. They offer heavy duty trailers and truck supplies. You will have to contact them for a custom quote for their services and prices.

Lastly, Trailer Country offer trailers suitable for tiny homes. Their range of Gooseneck trailers cost around $10,000 up to $35,000. Rentals start around $89 per day.

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